Swim Team Sports 139-Member Squad


The largest team in the 14-year history of the Payson Pikes 139 members debuted Saturday in an intrasquad swim meet, head coach Dani Hatch said.

The meet served as a tune-up for a six-meet summer schedule that continues June 24 at Taylor Pool against Ahwatukee. The competition begins at 8 a.m. Spectators are welcome and there is no admission charge, Hatch said.

In the intrasquad scrimmage, the Payson team was without the services of several of its standouts from past seasons. Veterans Brooke Bennett, Shelby Bennett, J.C. Boll, Jordan Boll and Josh Blalock were in the Valley competing in the Grand Canyon State Games.

Shea Hatch, the coach's daughter, was on a school-sponsored trip to Washington, D.C.

Even without the proven stalwarts, the team did receive exceptional performances from several promising youngsters including Emily Judd, Jessica Blalock, Tanner Golliglee and Rikki Ray. All won first-place ribbons in the maximum four events they competed in.

Judd participated in the 6-years-and-under girls' division, Blalock among the 9-10 girls, Golliglee with the 9-10 boys and Ray with the 13-14 girls.

On the staff with Hatch to tutor the huge contingent of fledgling swimmers this summer are assistant coaches Amberlyn Power, Tanner Hatch and Reed Hatch.

A bevy of parent volunteers is also available to assist including Kristi Ford, Dr. Judy Hunt, Lynn Haworth, Bryan Boll and Mary Lyn Behrens.

More results

6-and-under girls, 12.5 yards

Rachel Creighton, 2nd, butterfly and breaststroke; Lauren Galhotra, 2nd, backstroke; Jessi Shank, 2nd, freestyle

6-and-under boys, 12.5 yards

Jordan Henderson, 1st, butterfly and breaststroke; Kyler Cord, 1st, backstroke and freestyle; Cody Crisp, 2nd, backstroke; Cameron Romance, 2nd, breaststroke

7-8 girls, 25 yards

Ciara Romance, 1st, butterfly and breaststroke; Danielle Shank, 1st, backstroke and freestyle; Skye McNeeley, 2nd, backstroke and freestyle; Heather Bomar, 4th, freestyle; Jordan Hunt, 4th, backstroke; Alexis Tank, 4th, butterfly and freestyle

7-8 boys, 25 yards

Ben Sandoval, 1st , butterfly and breaststroke; Sean Ford, 1st, backstroke; Dalton Packer, 1st, freestyle; Joshua Frewin, 3rd, backstroke; Jeff Day, 1st, butterfly and breaststroke (2nd heat); Shane Crisp, 1st, freestyle (2nd heat); Chandler Sylvester, 1st, backstroke (2nd heat); Blake Iverson, 1st, butterfly and freestyle (3rd heat); Chase Sexton, 1st, breaststroke (3rd heat); Sean Peters, 2nd, freestyle (3rd heat)

9-10 girls, 25 yards

Taylor Gravill, 2nd butterfly and backstroke; Segan Cline, 3rd, freestyle; Kaiah Eaton, 1st, backstroke; Allison Judd, 1st, butterfly and breaststroke (2nd Heat); Breanne Davis, 1st, freestyle (2nd heat); Sara DeWitt, 1st, backstroke (2nd heat); Janae Blalock, 1st, butterfly (3rd heat); Jennifer Sandoval, 1st, backstroke (3rd heat); Chantelle Sexton, 1st, breast stroke (3rd heat)

9-10 boys, 25 yards

Joey Conlin, 2nd, butterfly; Nick Ford, 2nd, backstroke; Cody York, 2nd, breaststroke and freestyle; Nicolas Creighton, 1st, freestyle (2nd heat); Trevor Day, 1st, breaststroke (2nd heat); Robert Walker, 2nd, butterfly and backstroke (2nd heat); Wesley Murray, 2nd, breaststroke (2nd heat); Quintin Tank, 2nd, freestyle (2nd heat)

11-12 girls, 50 yards

Brianna Quinlan, 1st, breaststroke and freestyle; Katie Ford, 1st, butterfly; Tianna Golliglee, 1st, backstroke; Tamara Crabdree, 1st, butterfly, backstroke and freestyle (2nd heat); Melissa McLaws, 1st, breaststroke (2nd heat); Alesha Huddlestun, 2nd, breaststroke (2nd heat); Courtney Nelson, 2nd, butterfly (2nd heat); Jolynn Mendoza, 2nd, backstroke (2nd heat); Melissa Garrett, 2nd, freestyle (2nd heat); Bridget Mendoza, 1st, freestyle (3rd heat); Jayme Murray, 2nd, breaststroke (3rd heat); Dawn Tucker, 2nd, freestyle (3rd heat)

11-12 boys, 50 yards

Christopher Bilyk, 1st, butterfly and breaststroke; Noah Cardinael, 1st, backstroke and freestyle; Kent Sexton, 2nd, butterfly

13-14 girls, 50 yards

Tina Jackson, 2nd, butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle

15-18 girls, 50 yards

Shalynn McGee, 1st, backstroke and freestyle; Alicia Higginbotham, 1st, butterfly; Michelle Closs, 2nd, backstroke

15-18 boys, 50 yards

Reed Hatch, 1st, butterfly and freestyle; Tanner Hatch, 2nd, freestyle

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