Taxpayers Should Not Foot The Bill


Affordable Housing. Low-income housing.

These BUZZ words seem to get everybody excited on one side or the other

Being against either is much like being apposed to Motherhood, apple pie and the American flag .

I think that some type of lower cost housing is necessary in Payson, but I wonder if a housing development of look-alike housing is the answer, or should we look to cleaning up some of our blighted areas with new houses in place of the old and bad?

I have heard the statement that professional workers come to Payson to work and cannot find housing that they can afford and then I hear from these same people that they must work for as much as a third less here in Payson and, therefore, cannot afford the housing and cannot work in Payson .

I do not think that we, the taxpayers, should foot the bill for housing so that employers can pay their workers less than they can make in the Valley .

I vote for affordable housing, but not a subdivision, and not in a place that was never zoned for them.

C.L. Todd

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