The Art Of Creation

Pine Artisans offers affordable variety


"I love art and I want to share my love of art," Marijane Landy said.

Mari recently opened her gallery in the old settler's cabin on Pine's historic main street. Pine Artisans is a gallery of art and fine craft, all beautifully displayed utilizing the rustic warmth and charm of the old building.

All work in the gallery is by Arizona artists with at least half of them from Pine, Strawberry and Payson.

"There are lots of creative people here," Mari said. She visited art shows and galleries to find the artists who would be a good fit, represent a wide range of disciplines and be appropriate for a gallery in Pine.

She's very strict when choosing an artist to be exhibited in the gallery. She demands expert craftsmanship, high quality and uniqueness. The work must be hand-made, original and it has to fit in with the rest of the art. Twenty-three artists have work in the gallery now. Some of them are well established, other are emerging artists.

The background of these chosen artists are as different as the art they represent. One claims an exit from corporate America, another received her inspiration while living in India, Spain and Panama as part of a foreign service family and later during her travels around the world. Others include a retired nurse, a trumpet player for the Phoenix Symphony, a welder on a submarine and an Air Force fighter pilot. The "artists' statements" are available at the gallery to acquaint visitors with each individual artist.

"Our collection includes eclectic, whimsical and functional designs in pottery, wood, metal, glass, photography, jewelry, paper art, beads, basketry, watercolors, oils, acrylics, pencil drawing, hand weaving and mono-types," Mari said. "There is such a value in hand-made work."

Marijane also is an artist. Her jewelry is exhibited in galleries across the country.

She began as an apprentice in an art jewelry studio and loves working with metals. Her designs are lighthearted, playful and elemental. Visitors to the gallery can see her at her workbench, creating her art.

Special openings are planned for several times a year featuring up to three of her artists for each show. They would be working at their craft while visiting with guests of the gallery, answering questions and talking about their particular form of art. Visitors to the gallery can sign her mailing list so they will receive mailings announcing all special upcoming events.

Marijane moved to Pine from Portland over a year ago. She felt that Pine would be a perfect location for her gallery. When she heard that an old settlers cabin would be available, Mari knew she had found the perfect setting. The work in putting it all together has been monumental, but wonderful friends and fellow artists have pitched in with emotional support, encouragement and back-breaking assistance to make it all possible, she said.

Over 100 people attended her open house on a recent Saturday evening. Whether buyers or browsers, she has been delighted with the numbers and enthusiasm of the visitors to the gallery.

Original work in the gallery is priced from $4.00 to several hundred dollars. Gift ideas include switch plate covers hand crafted by Marijane, unique soap or candles, metal and pottery bells, metal sculptures and much more.

Located between the blacksmith shop and the saddle shops in the heart of Pine, Pine Artisans is open Thursday through Monday from 9:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For an appointment at other times, call Marijane at (520) 476-3700.

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