Affordable Housing Project An Opportunity For Payson


My wife and I have lived in Payson since 1978 (summer visitors since 1957) and have witnessed the high cost of housing.

Last Thursday, June 22 at the (Payson) Town Council meeting, we sadly listened to a litany of limitations by some members of the community to try to influence the council against such a project.

It is obvious to us that these people do not want a solution. All they have in mind is the total rejection of the project.

We do not personally know of any potential occupants of the proposed housing, but we can assure you that they are not monsters or lepers.

In fact, we all rub elbows with them daily. We feel embarrassed to use the word "them" because each one has a face, a name and the dignity of a beautiful human being. They are the ones who serve us at the fast food places, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, wash our clothes, iron our shirts, clean our houses, groom our yards, attend to our needs at the hospital or rest homes where they fluff our pillows, wash our faces, give us baths, and we expect all those services promptly and with a smile.

Each one of these beautiful human beings has one thing in common they have a dream of someday being able to have a place to call home. It's the American dream. Please do not make them the undesirable ones in Payson.

For the first time in Payson, we have the opportunity to have an affordable housing project presented to the town. It would be sad and unjust if we miss this opportunity.

Sante and Odette Ceolin, Payson

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