Cubans Can Overthrow Tyrant On His Own Turf


Today I heard Armando Gutierrez, attorney for the Miami Gonzalez family, say on national television that the United States government is in cahoots with the Fidel Castro government in trying to send Elian back to Cuba.

If Mr. Gutierrez thinks he is making points with the citizens of the United States by making statements like this, he had better think again. When these Cubans who occupy "Little Havana" in Miami, Fla., fled Cuba for freedom from communism, they were given citizenship and allowed to remain here. As citizens, they should obey the laws of this country, as all other Americans do.

Lazaro Gonzalez broke our laws and obstructed justice when he refused to turn over custody of the boy as ordered by the federal government. When the FBI had to come in and remove Elian Gonzalez, his friends cried "police brutality." Since that time, the actions of these people have cost the city of Miami and the United States billions of dollars in trying to settle this farce amicably.

Is this how they repay the country that gave them refuge? How long are we law-abiding citizens going to foot the bill for this unnecessary and ridiculous affair to go on? All the way to the Supreme Court of the land?

It is time for us to stand up and say, "Enough is enough. Load all those troublemakers up in a boat and let them find someone else to put up with their nonsense."

They are using this little boy to stir up trouble between the United States and Cuba. If they want to overthrow Castro, let them go back to Cuba and help their family members and friends get rid of the tyrant on his own turf, not ours. We do not need to take in these imposters who will not respect the laws of the U.S. and who then make statements such as "The U.S. government is in cahoots with Fidel Castro."

Kathryn J. Loftfield, Payson

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