Greenbelt Cleanup An 'Unnecessary Slaughter Of Plants'


After reading "Lament for greenbelt IV" by Barbara McKee (in the June 23 issue of the Roundup), we felt we should also submit our feelings as to how the greenbelt "cleanup" was handled.

While the crew from Mesa was working, it was hard to determine how may trees were sawed down. However, after they finished cleaning out the area, we were shocked. We were, of course, saddened by the look of our small greenbelt area, but much more than that when we realized they had removed trees from our private property.

It would be nice to have the same homeowners who conducted the first tour (before the cleanup) now tour all the greenbelt areas again and see what they think of the final results. It seems the work done was very unprofessional and leaves a lot to be desired. We're sure our neighbors behind us feel the same lack of privacy that we do.

We have several pictures of our property and greenbelt before (the cleanup). Since the "cleanup," we haven't had the heart to take a picture of the "after."

Perhaps the Homeowners Association and/or the Roundup could have a contest and those property owners who are interested could submit their "before" pictures and the Roundup could capture on film the "after." The "winner" could be presented with a gift certificate for a free landscape do-over.

No matter what happens, it should be noted that there was an absolute unnecessary slaughter of plants, both in the greenbelt and on private property.

Al and Fran Cahalan, Payson

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