Splash Squad Swimming In Medals


Battling the Phoenix-based private swim club Melrose Makos Saturday at Taylor Pool, the Payson Parks and Recreation swim team more than held its own.

No team scores were kept, but in 11 of the 12 age/sex divisions, the local team produced a bevy of top-five finishers.

In the 13-14-year-old boys division, Payson had no entries

The best showings of the day for Payson were turned in during the 15-18-year-old girls competition by veteran team members Brooke Bennett and Malori Heppler.

Bennett swam her way to first place in the butterfly and backstroke. Heppler won golds in the breaststroke and freestyle.

Bennett's showing came on the heels of a sterling performance at the Grand Canyon Games last week in Tempe, where she won two gold and two silver medals.

Also shining for Payson against Melrose was Josh Blalock who won the breaststroke event in the 11-12-year-old boys division.

Tyler Bennett copped a first in the 15-18-year-old boys butterfly swim.

In the 7-8-year-old girls freestyle competition, Jaycee Boll emerged from the fray a gold-medal champion.

The youngster was a gold- and silver-medal winner at the Grand Canyon games.

Next up for the swim team is a dual meet against the Cottonwood Clippers at 8 a.m. July 8 at Taylor Pool.

Due to the Independence Day holiday, the team will not have a meet July 1 and will not practice July 3 and 4, coach Dani Hatch said.

More results from Saturday

6 & under Girls 12.5 yards

Emily Judd, 2nd, butterfly; Lauren Galhotra, 3rd, freestyle; Jessi Shank, 4th, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle

6 & under Boys 12.5 yards

Kyler Cord, 3rd, breaststroke, freestyle; Cody Crisp, 2nd, butterfly (2nd heat); Cameron Romance, 2nd, breaststroke (2nd heat)

7-8 Girls 25 yards

Hannah Eaton, 1st, breaststroke (2nd heat); Danielle Shank, 1st, freestyle (2nd heat); Heather Bomar, 2nd, butterfly (2nd heat); Ciara Romance, 2nd, backstroke (2nd heat)

7-8 Boys 25 yards

Ben Sandoval, 1st, freestyle (3rd heat); Chase Sexton, 1st, butterfly (3rd heat); Sean Ford, 1st, freestyle (4th heat); Dalton Packer, 1st, breaststroke (4th heat); Jerod Schrank, 1st, butterfly (4th heat); Willie Conlin, 1st, backstroke (5th heat); Jeff Day, 1st, breaststroke (5th heat); Michael Ives, 1st, freestyle (5th heat); Sean Peters, 1st, butterfly (5th heat); Blake Iverson, 2nd, freestyle (3rd heat); Skylar Moore, 2nd, backstroke, freestyle (4th heat); Ricky Sexton, 2nd, butterfly, backstroke, freestyle (5th heat)

9-10 Girls 25 yards

Kaiah Eaton, 1st, backstroke (2nd heat); Jordan Boll, 1st, freestyle (3rd heat); Breanne Davis, 1st, breaststroke (3rd heat); Janae Blalock, 1st, breaststroke (4th heat); Aubrey Laird, 1st, freestyle (4th heat); Marlee Meichizedek, 1st, butterfly (4th heat); Taylor Gravill, 1st, breaststroke (5th heat); Jennifer Sandoval, 1st, freestyle (5th heat); Segan Cline, 2nd, butterfly (3rd heat); Chantelle Sexton, 2nd, butterfly (4th heat); Sara DeWitt, 2nd, freestyle (5th heat); Ashlee Sexton, 2nd, backstroke (5th heat)

9-10 Boys 25 yards

Joey Conlin, 1st, freestyle (3rd heat); Treavor Day, 1st, breaststroke (3rd heat); Robert Walker, 1st, butterfly (3rd heat);Cody York, 1st, breaststroke (4th heat); Tanner Golliglee, 2nd, breaststroke (2nd heat); Bret Allen, 2nd, backstroke (3rd heat); Quintin Tank, 2nd, breaststroke (4th heat)

11-12 Girls 50 yards

Autumn Staszak, 1st, freestyle (3rd heat); Victoria Albaracin, 1st, backstroke (5th heat); Caitlin Fruth, 1st, breaststroke(5th heat); Stephanie Bledsoc, 1st, freestyle (6th heat); Jadyn Walden, 1st, breaststroke (6th heat); Sherah Cline, 2nd, breaststroke (3rd heat); Monique Heppler, 2nd, freestyle (3rd heat); Tianna Golliglee, 2nd, breaststroke (4th heat); Katie Ford, 2nd, breaststroke (5th heat); Amanda Thompson, 2nd, freestyle (6th heat)

11-12 Boys 50 yards

Martin Dorris, 2nd, backstroke; Shane Brown, 1st, freestyle (2nd heat); Kent Sexton, 2nd, breaststroke (2nd heat)

13-14 Girls 50 yards

Shelby Bennett, 3rd, breaststroke, freestyle; Shea Hatch, 4th, butterfly; Tina Jackson, 2nd, freestyle (2nd heat)

15-18 Girls 50 yards

Mindy Dorris, 2nd, breaststroke; Shalynn McGee, 3rd, backstroke

15-18 Boys 50 yards

Reed Hatch, 3rd, butterfly, freestyle

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