Candidate Campaigns For Youth


Mayoral candidate Steven Lanyi was on a three-week vacation when the Roundup was compiling information for its profiles on candidates running for public office.

To make up for his absence in that feature, Lanyi offers the following information to acquaint readers with his background and vision for the future of Payson.

Born in Vac, Hungary, Lanyi fled with his parents to Salzberg, Austria, to escape the communist purge of Eastern Europe. His family migrated to the United States in 1950, and in 1957 Lanyi became a naturalized citizen.

He was operations supervisor in the legal department of National City Bank in Cleveland, Ohio. From 1965 to 1968, Lanyi served in the Navy -- attached to a security detail and the American Embassy in the Philippines, and also served in the Gulf of Tonkin and in Vietnam on the aircraft carrier Oriskany.

Lanyi studied engineering at Ohio State. He owned and operated a maintenance business in Phoenix for 10 years before moving to Pine in 1982, and to Payson in 1986.

A single father who is raising four sons and a daughter, Lanyi is currently the assistant night crew chief at Bashas', a packer for H&A Trucking, and a merchandiser for the Dairymaid Ice Cream Corp.

Lanyi is running for the office of mayor, he says, because it is his public and civic duty to "serve all the people, not just a handful.

"I want everybody treated equally and everybody working together ... to make it easier for our children to be able to live in Payson, with affordable housing and good-paying jobs."

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