Sign Vandals Could Use Time More Positively


This is a request to the few, immature, citizens who feel a warped sense of victory by smashing and removing certain candidates' signs.

Please, can't you take a positive approach and believe in the candidate of your choice?

Better yet, get out there, before the March 14 Town election and volunteer your precious time posting signs of support, distributing fliers, etc., for whomever you choose.

You must be worried and very anxious that your candidates will not win fairly?

This behavior is not helping them, as it only makes the supporters of the other candidates more determined. The materials are very costly and word about vandalism -- no sense of values, or sense of fair play, etc. -- spreads quickly through a small community.

My hat is off to all the men and women who have and are about to serve us as mayor and councilmembers.

They have my deepest "thank you" for doing and electing to do, a very thankless job.

A grateful citizen of Payson

Suzanne Jones


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