'Beware: There Is A Pet Killer In Our Midst'


While most women were cradling a bouquet of flowers on Valentines Day, I was cradling the body of my beloved canine companion of seven years, Tootsie. It's not that I expected a bouquet of roses, but I certainly did not expect to find my dog poisoned and bleeding to death on my back porch.

I returned from a business trip on Feb. 14 to find my dog a victim of a senseless act of cruelty. It seems that one of my 12,000 fellow Payson residents committed the heinous act of poisoning her. Needless to say, I am sickened and deeply offended by this action.

Of course, the hardest part to deal with is the absence left behind by her death, but coming in a close second is the sudden paranoia I feel in dealing with the unknown. Was it a neighbor, a friend or foe who killed my pet?

I want to warn other pet lovers in the vicinity of Frontier and St. Philips streets of this pending danger in the hope of saving another pet's life. Beware: There is a pet killer in our midst.

Monica Sheble, Payson

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