Council To Consider $30k Bleacher Buy


The Payson Town Council will consider teaming up with the Payson Economic Development Corporation to buy new bleachers for Payson's nearly completed multievent center.

Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind will ask the council Thursday during its regular meeting to match a $30,000 contribution from the PEDC to buy or lease more bleachers from Norcon Industries, Inc.

"We currently have four sets of bleachers placed on the south side, which account for 1,800 seats," Schwind told the council in his decision request. "The bleachers that we own seat approximately 450 people each. As per our discussions with Norcon Industries, the cost of adding additional sections of bleachers would be in the neighborhood of $65 per seat."

The council will consider two proposals.

The first is an interim plan that would make event tenants responsible for renting additional seats when crowds of more than 1,800 people are expected.

Under the second plan, the town would buy additional bleachers at a cost of about $65 a seat.

"The best possible scenario would be to look at investing into adding the additional seats as per the master plan," Schwind wrote.

Also on the agenda is a request from Town Manager Rich Underkofler for the Town Council to authorize negotiations with Crown Castle International for an agreement to lease town land for wireless communication tower facilities.

"The intent is to provide both new and improved (wireless telephone) service," Underkofler said Tuesday. "Right now, the only services available in Payson are Cellular One and Airtouch. This measure would enable other carriers -- such as Nextel, AT&T, Voice Stream, Sprint PCS and US West PCS -- to be able to serve customers in Payson. These carriers have saturated the urban market, and now they're interested in serving customers in the rural areas.

"It will also open up Payson to digital service," he said. "Right now, all we have here is analog service."

The down side? "Ugly looking towers up on top of our water tank hills," Underkofler said.

Payson Fire Chief John Ross filed a proposal that he said will lower taxes slightly for homeowners within the Round Valley/Ox Bow, Cesal Property and East Verde fire districts.

The request is to amend those fire districts' service contracts to lower the existing fee from $2.60 per $100 of assessed value by 10 cents, to $2.50 per $100 of assessed value.

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