What Has The Edc Really Done For Economic Development?


This is in response to a letter written on behalf of the (Economic Development Corporation) commending Ray Schum for helping remove roadblocks for a company to move to Payson.

If there were so many roadblocks that the EDC had to become involved, then there must be something wrong with the system.

What has the EDC really done for this community to bring in companies that pay well above minimum wage? The EDC wants the president of the EDC, Ray Schum, to become mayor. That would give the EDC strong support on the town council.

The company (Schum was given credit for helping) was moving to the Payson area anyway because it was paying thousands of dollars a week to have four of its employees commute to California every week from Arizona. I was the only person who was committed enough to this company to actually leave Arizona and move my family to California. I worked and lived there for almost eight years before the move was made to Payson.

In my opinion, this company should have moved the operation to Phoenix, not Payson. The housing is cheaper and there is a ready supply of qualified labor that has worked in this field before.

I would like the EDC to publish a list of companies that pay above minimum wage that it has brought to Payson. As far as Ray Schum goes, I think it is a conflict of interest for him to be president of the EDC and a council member. When the EDC decides what it thinks is right for Payson, Ray Schum will have to vote that way because he is the president. If that's not a conflict of interest then it is ethically wrong.

I would like the citizens of Payson to take a hard look at the current town council. What has it really done for you? Are your roads any better?

The airport is better for the pilots that use it. The council started an airport expansion project without allowing you to vote on it. The council says most of the money is from federal grants. I guess they think federal grant money grows on trees. Our taxes create this money and we already are over taxed by the feds.

(What jobs will this expansion project create?) I think it'll be more town employee jobs. The biggest employers in Payson are the governments. It looks like Payson has a socialist economy not a capitalist one. This town could be located in Russia and you wouldn't know the difference.

Anthony Cork, Payson

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