Change Our Future; Take Time To Vote


You'll probably be busy Tuesday.
There will be children to shuttle to school and big, important presentations to give at work.

There will be grocery shopping to do and cows to milk and children in far away nations to save with your donation of just 70 cents a day.

But take a moment right now and block out 20 minutes Tuesday to change your family's future.

The polls for Payson's primary town council election will be open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m., and the future of our community and the prosperity of our families hang in the balance. (See page 6A for voting information and a map of Payson's polling places.)

Elections in Payson can be close and have, at times, been decided by a handful of people. Unfortunately, parents, professionals and young voters are often under-represented at the polls because they think they're just too darn busy to vote.

But in reality, none of us can spare the time to skip the polls -- even during a primary election.

Any candidate who receives 50.1 percent of the votes during the primary election March 14 will take office without running in the May 16 general election.

Two years ago, two of our councilmembers were elected during the primary. Voters who dismissed the primary election as irrelevant missed their chance to significantly shape our leadership.

The leaders who were ultimately elected in 1998 have left their mark on our community and shaped the direction of our town.

The leaders we pick this year will leave their own mark and choose their own direction, so, as voters, we must choose wisely.

On Tuesday take the time to go to the polls. Encourage your friends and co-workers to vote, carpool, make an outing of it. But don't let someone else chart your future. They might take you, and the town, in the wrong direction.

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