Corporation Officials Appreciate Town's Relocation Assistance


On behalf of the corporate office of Pulau Electronics Corporation, as well as Pulau at 700 West Airport Road in Payson, we wish to disassociate our organization completely and totally from the comments of Mr. Anthony Cork as expressed in an e-mail (and letter to the editor) sent to your publication Jan. 20. I only recently became aware of this incident.

The officers and directors of Pulau have the highest regard for Payson, the members of the Payson Town Council and (the Payson Economic Development Corporation). We very much appreciate all of the fine assistance we received from both groups when we decided to locate our facility in the Payson area.

In regard to the airport, Pulau fully supports any expansion of or improvements to the airport facilities that the town leadership believes will be of benefit to the community.

Mr. Cork is a subordinate-level manager in our organization in Payson and in no way has the authority to communicate on behalf of our company on matters of this nature. While he is entitled to his personal opinions, I wish to make it clear to the town council, EDC, and people of Payson that the views expressed in Mr. Cork's e-mail do not represent those of our corporation.

Charles W. Wendland

Chief Executive Officer

Pulau Electronics Corporation

Orlando, Fla.

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