Let's Return People Who Will Protect Our Water To Office


Here it is almost Payson primary election time and I have yet to put my two cents worth in.

First and foremost is, of course, water.

I must tell you that I am much concerned about my Saturday night bath. Now, I have gotten in a habit of that little ritual of getting into a large tub of very hot water for the better part of a 100 years now. Fear simply grips my very being when I even think of having to share this water with some stranger who just might move to Payson and want a water hookup.

I like the policy that Ruby Finney is running for town council on. "First priority is sufficient water for current residents." How about that? Sounds pretty good to me.

I wish to get this very important message across to you, the voter, in this coming town election. It is very important that we keep any and all real estate and chamber of commerce puppets out of office.

Instead, let's return people such as Jack Monschein and Hoby Heron to the council, who can and will continue to work with this matter of managed growth and save our water.

Bill Webb


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