Oil-Export Supporters Should Be Kicked Out Of Office


One big reason that fuel prices are going sky high is that in 1996, Clinton and our representatives in Washington voted to allow Alaskan oil to be exported. We are importing oil, and at the same time we are exporting the same product. That sounded like a crazy deal to me.

Shortly after that vote, I had an occasion to talk to Jon Kyl, who was one of the "aye" votes to allow the export of U.S. oil. I asked him why he voted to allow the oil to be exported. His lame excuse was that the California refineries could not refine Alaskan crude. Of course he did not mention whose pocket the producers' money was going into.

As far as the refineries are concerned, we have the technology to upgrade the refineries if what he said is true, which I doubt.

I believe that any senator or congressman who voted for the 1996 oil deal should be kicked out of office. They are costing us millions of our hard-earned dollars while lining their pockets with a few thousand.

Roy Creach


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