Strawberry Wells Shouldn't Supplement Pine Growth


I wish to express my objection to the permission given to Brooke Utilities to build a 10,000-foot, high-pressure water pipeline from Strawberry to Pine.

It is my understanding that the water supply in Strawberry is currently superior to that of Pine.

Apparently we have sufficient water to meet ordinary needs even in the midst of dry seasons. Those of us who have bought houses in Strawberry, and who live here throughout the year, purchased them with the expectation that the private water company, or, hopefully, a new public utility, would provide sufficient water and that no utility would accept consumers beyond the stage of reasonable capability of supply.

That honorable agreement will be jeopardized by the proposed pipeline.

Many of us would not consider it acceptable to supply excess demand for water should Gila County sanction the further growth and development of Pine. We live here because we are concerned with silence, solitude and the quality of life in rural Arizona.

The desire for development, quantity of existence and wealth is more easily satisfied in the cities and the Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas.

There also is the issue of decision making that is appropriate to the democracy of the future. Why do many of us have to live with decisions arrived at almost surreptitiously by the collusion of developers, business interests and public service officials? That is a form of totalitarianism that leaves many of us unattended, without voice, our wishes ignored. We do not wish merely to have "input" or be "advised" of what is about to happen. We look for our concerns to make a difference. Our commitment to the quality of life at the edge of the Mogollon Rim should bear as much power as the power of investment and development interests. That will have to be the way of the future.

I would welcome further deliberation with regard to the final assessment of this matter.

Richard E. Wentz


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