The Voice Of The People Must Be Heard


Yesterday on Rim Country Forum, the mayor made a statement that my letter to you regarding financial management of the Town of Payson and the subsequent misquoting of that letter by the Town Manager for which he graciously and publicly apologized to me, was a "political ploy."

Having checked my Webster's dictionary for the correct meaning of the words "political ploy," I couldn't agree with the Mayor more since a ploy is a tactic or contrived device and I certainly think we need something to wake up the thinking process in this town.

In my questioning of the financial management of the town's resources, I had hoped to get the citizens of Payson off their "resting places" to start looking at what takes place "in their interest."

Far too many people feel their vote doesn't count. Whether or not your chosen candidate wins has nothing to do with whether your vote counts. The voice of the people grows smaller and smaller, not only over this great nation, but right here in our small town.

In our last election, the mayor was elected by a margin of some 80 or so votes. However, only a small percent of the registered voters turned out to vote. This could hardly be considered a "mandate of the people."

If you disagree or are unhappy with the way things are done, the only recourse you have is to check the facts, discuss them with the mayor and council, attend council meetings and let your voice be heard.


Then, when election time comes around, you will be able to make your choices with some wisdom. This does not mean that you will get your choice for sure, but if all the people get out and vote, it will be a mandate and the voice of the people will be heard.

Shirley Snyder


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