Election A Clear Call For Change


Payson voters sent town leaders a clear message Tuesday when they soundly elected a mayor and three councilmembers who campaigned as progressive planners.

The decisive primary vote, which eliminated the need for a general election in May, was a unified cry for change.

The voters we talked with were weary of the council's entrenched do-nothing approach.

They said they wanted leaders who would handle complex issues with savvy and intelligence.

They wanted leaders who would take bold, decisive action rather than shrinking from the challenges of public office.

They wanted leaders who could build meaningful consensus among themselves and forge alliances with other public officials around the state.

They said they wanted leaders who could envision the full promise of the future -- and leaders who will do the research, the planning, the negotiating and all the hard work that will help the community realize its full potential.

It's a tall order, but no less than the people of Payson deserve.

When Ray Schum, Barbara Brewer, Dick Wolfe and Bryan Siverson assume their new duties on the council June 8, Payson residents will expect great things of them. We don't expect them to let us down.

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