Development Not A Four-Letter Word


According to Webster's New World Dictionary, the word "development" is described as "a step or stage in growth, advancement, etc."

After the election, midterm councilmember Hoby Herron (said) he agreed with ex-mayor Vern Stiffler that "the developers are in charge."

He also said, (in the March 17 issue of the Roundup) that he thinks the new mayor and councilmembers' agenda is to spur development, which he felt would "endanger the current citizens" and "encourage people to move in."

I do not believe mayor-elect Ray Schum, councilmember Barbara Brewer or councilmembers-elect Bryan Siverson and Dick Wolfe have an agenda to "endanger the current citizens" with outrageous development.

As presiding Vice Mayor Ken Murphy stated, the character of the council has been changed significantly by the election of new members who he called "more forward-thinking, more inclusive of all of the citizens of Payson."

Payson will grow, and our young people must grow with it with new higher paying jobs that are not a threat to our water supply. Growth in Payson is inevitable, and development of the community will occur in an orderly manner with the guidance of a mayor and town council (who engage in) forward, progressive thinking. That was the message the voters sent last Tuesday to those who want to restrain the growth of Payson.

Councilman Herron must learn that growth and development are not four-letter words."

Gordon Metcalf


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