Positive Leadership Will Heal Our Wounded Community


We have awakened to the dawn of a new tomorrow for Payson. With the election of a new, vital council, we are presented with many new opportunities.

No opportunity is greater than the chance to heal the wounds of this community. We have been divided for so long by the growth/no-growth argument, that the sense of community among us has been lost.

I urge this new council to seek a positive, forward reaching government, which works toward the goals of all citizens.

It is time for us to pool our resources as a community and work toward our many common goals. The future of Payson is ours to define, and our identity has yet to be established.

I believe that with the help of a progressive council, we can reach everyone's goals. Most importantly, I sincerely hope that a positive leadership may allow us to begin the process of healing our wounded community.

Bob O'Brien


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