Violence Originates In The Hearts Of Individuals, Not Devices Of Destruction


I am saddened that you would support the "extortion through litigation" that the federal government is subjecting the American firearms industry to.

Criticism of Schum and Payson Economic Development Corporation misdirected

I am retracting my statements about the Economic Development Corporation and Ray Schum. I was completely misinformed as to what their purpose is.

It is a very responsible organization and Ray Schum, as president of the EDC, has done an admiral job. I apologize to the EDC and Ray Schum for my misinformed comments.

These were my own opinions and I was biased in my thinking due to the fact I thought the airport expansion will ruin this town in the long run and will not bring in high paying jobs.

I ended up taking out my frustrations on Ray Schum and the EDC. I would also like to take this time to congratulate Mayor Schum on his win and I hope someday we might be able to meet on common ground to help solve some of the town's issues so that Payson is a better place for all of its citizens.


Anthony A. Cork

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