Glen Canyon Dam Never Made Sense


Let's not debate the priceless beauty or river ecosystems destroyed by Glen Canyon Dam. Let's debate its socialist, anti-free market builder, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation -- an archaic 1903 agency designed to siphon off U.S. taxpayer dollars to subsidize agribusiness in the desert West.

Three-fourths of Glen Canyon's water is used to produce food for cows or for surplus crops in Arizona, California and Nevada. Most people mistakenly think the water goes primarily to cities and industry.

Even worse, its hydropower subsidizes giveaway-priced electricity used to overpump groundwater aquifers and dry up scarce wetlands in Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. Much of these crops are forage, feed grains or surplus crops the government pays producers nationwide not to grow. This dam undermines American capitalism and market forces.

Fortunately, most of this nation's forage and feed grains are grown by rainfall in the Midwest, East and South without the costly socialist price tags of Bureau dams, power lines, substations, canals, pumps, wells and much greater agro-chemical demands.

The dams surface evaporates more water than New York City uses. This socialist dinosaur never made sense. Drain it!

Elise Lauster


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