Long-Distance Reader Longing To Return To The Rim Country


Several years ago, I moved to Arizona from the state of Michigan with high hopes of organizing a K-9 search and rescue training school for various types of rescue work.

During this process, my wife was seriously injured by a hit-and-run driver, which consequently changed our plans drastically and we had to leave the area because of her health.

Hoping to return in the near future, I decided to (subscribe) to the Payson Roundup newspaper. Several articles I read were so interesting and heartwarming that I stared cutting clippings out, such as (the articles about) Officer Allen Dyer's heroic valor at the Wal-Mart store, and 9-1-1 operator Kim Werner.

The articles on the weekly "goodwill person," the "In the Line of Fire" column, (the article about) your new fire management ranger Bob Orlund, the great youth speaking out, and the Payson High School Longhorn wrestling team and its coach are just magnificent.

Also, the seventh-grade boys' basketball team is shown capturing the White Mountain League Championship and there are many other great boys' and girls' sports teams which are too numerous to mention.

Even your small "Snapshot" articles are so interesting -- short and interesting.

Then, after reading your 10-page (section) entitled "Best of Payson 2000," I said the heck with all that cutting-out stuff. Now I just keep and save the entire newspapers as I receive them.

Keep up the good work at the Payson Roundup. Hopefully I'll make it back to the wonderful Rim country soon.

Bill Edwards

Toledo, Ohio

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