Progress: The Difference Is In The Details


Twice a week, 52 weeks a year this newspaper attempts to tell the many stories of a community.

Today, we step back and put the year and those stories in perspective. The result is our annual Progress edition, a 60-page special edition that comes in six sections, which focus on key areas of community life, including education, business, people and lifestyles.

In it, our reporting focuses on how far our community has come over the course of the past year and examines how we're moving forward to maintain an enviable quality of life in the Rim country.

Defining progress is an elusive proposition when there's no real consensus on the final goal we're all hoping to reach. Every resident would probably have a different answer if asked to come up with a definition of progress.

But we're confident that the differences would be in the details. We're certain that any definition of progress would mean, explicitly or implicitly, that Payson and her sister communities in the Rim country are on a course that affords residents a high quality of life, economic opportunity and an atmosphere friendly to families.

Consider what that means in specifics. Payson now has a viable Main Street redevelopment plan. Development and growth continue at a pace that ensures that growth is wisely considered and monitored. A new Payson library will soon be a reality and education took a great leap forward with the opening this year of Eastern Arizona College's new campus. These are stories that just scratch the surface as we march into the new millenium.

In the stories you'll read in Progress 2000, we think you will find some surprises. It's easy for all of us to lose track of all that's been accomplished over the course of a year. It's easy to fail to fully recognize the people who give of themselves for the good of all.

We hope this edition helps us all stop and take stock of how far we've come together and fully appreciate the neighbors who've helped us in the journey.

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