Rethink Aims And Demand Educational Excellence


I once read we should respond to those things that "make us weep and pound the table." Susan Grubbs' guest comment, "Parents must convince state to rethink AIMS" has stirred me into action.

For 11 years I was a manager of training and development for a Fortune 500 company. One of our main functions was to teach literacy and math because our new work force became deficient in these skills.

This is incredibly expensive training and reflects in the cost of the product the corporation sells. For two years I was a professor of communication at Central Arizona College.

I was amazed -- no horrified -- how many of my recent high school graduates could not read or write a complete sentence. Of course it reflected in poor or failing grades.

So what is education? Is it preparation for college and the work force or is it a feel-good-right-now experience?

There's nothing wrong with art, music and sports, but they should be viewed as extracurricular activities, not education itself. Yes, rethink AIMS and demand educational excellence from our students. It is necessary for the future of our country if we wish to stay globally competitive.

Kathy Arnold


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