Town Officials Haven't Done Anything Worthwhile


by Dave Engleman
The Payson election is over. It was a landslide for the winners. The question is did the residents of Payson win?

A picture on page two of the March 17 Roundup said it all. It was a picture of a Payson Realtor/developer. He was grinning from ear to ear. Water be darned, full steam ahead. Increase the population. Build more homes.

If there's no precipitation in the next 60 days, come June, Payson will be crying the blues. Who will the town fathers blame?

Not God and themselves. It will be God and the residents -- the ones growing the pansy and petunias purchased form the expanded Wal-Mart nursery.

Is there a cover-up regarding water in Payson?

I would invite the town to tell the residents how many holes have been drilled in the past five years. How many were dry holes. How many holes have been drilled in the national forest? Wet? Dry?

If water is found in the national forest, will the (Forest Service) let us take it? If so, how many years of environmental impact studies will go by before any water reaches the taps?

What is the council agenda down the road?

Good-paying jobs.

For three or four years we have heard about the need for good-paying jobs in Payson. However, no one from Town Hall has said what they thought a good-paying job should pay.

The job must pay a minimum of $35,000 a year or more and hire 125 to 150 employees. (Most people) need that much money a year to buy a home in Payson today. If a company would build in Payson and pay that kind of wage, who would want to work for Wal-Mart?

No manufacturer in his right mind would build a manufacturing plant in Payson. There is no economical way to ship manufactured goods out of Payson. There is no rail system and there is no safe, practical or economical highway system out of town except to go south.

Look at the labels on your new clothes, shoes and electronics. Almost everything you buy in America today is manufactured out of the country. So why build a factory in Payson? Also, small-town factories are short-lived. They will pay good wages, leading workers to take out mortgages and auto loans, then close their doors and walk away.

Expand the airport?

Why? Light plane flying is on the decrease across the country. William Piper's dream of an airplane for every family never materialized. The legal profession destroyed that dream. Payson does not need or will ever need a larger airport. It would be a total waste of taxpayers' money to invest in any major changes.

The town wants land for low-income homes. There's an adequate number of low-income homes in Payson right now. They are just over-priced and not selling.

Residents be watchful. We now have a town being run by pro-growth officials. Do you want 40,000 residents living in Payson?

The quality of life in Payson has gone downhill in recent years. With the exception of Green Valley Park, town officials have not done one worthwhile thing for the residents.

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