A Wall That Stands For Freedom


This weekend, the memory of 58,213 men and women will visit the Rim country. Payson has the distinct honor of hosting the Vietnam Memorial Wall exhibit Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Green Valley Park.

The monument is an 80-percent scale replica of the Washington D.C. original. Both walls act as stone heralds, giving visitors a chance to see and touch the names of those who died in Vietnam

But the monument is not only a memorial for those who fought in Vietnam -- it also stands as a reminder that freedom is born through sacrifice and duty.

Each name that is recorded in stone can be located through a computer search function which directs visitors to a portion of the wall. This search tool gives everyone the opportunity to discover names of relatives or find individuals who shared a family name.

Organizers of the monument event estimate that 25,000 visitors will come to see the Wall Memorial while it is on display in Payson.

In the spirit of honoring our veterans and our country, the Payson Flag Committee is asking all Payson residents who own American flags to fly them in front of their homes or businesses during the three days the monument stands in Payson. It will be a fitting token from the Flag Capitol of Arizona.

We thank all those who worked to bring this Memorial to the Rim country. We hope all our readers will make plans to experience the monument which will be open for viewing around the clock during its three-day stay in Payson. Admission is free.

Don't miss this opportunity to recall those honored by this exhibit, as well as their spirits of bravery and dedication. We are lucky to have this chance. For many of us it may be the chance of a lifetime.

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