Criminal Investigation Into Missing Cabr Funds


Jill Morgan, president of the Central Arizona Board of Realtors, confirmed last week that Payson Police are moving forward with the criminal investigation into the embezzlement of funds from the firm's various accounts.

Morgan said she was the one to initially discover disparities in the CABR accounts.

"I got a call from a supplier who said we had bounced a check, and it wasn't a very large check," she said. When she checked on how the accounts could have insufficient funds for a small check, she discovered the accounts have been all but depleted.

"We have no idea how much is missing," she said. "That's what we're waiting for, and that's what the police are waiting for. We have contacted our bank, and the only way we're going to be able to verify how much and how long this has been going on is to go back year after year to see how much (the suspect) has taken that was not supposed to be taken."

Morgan said the board of realtors notified police April 24 that if enough evidence is produced, it intended to pursue criminal charges against the person suspected of embezzling CABR funds.

Police Det. Chris Haack confirmed that he was working on the criminal investigation, but said it was unclear how long it would take to dig through the stacks of paperwork.

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