Golf Course Subdivision Unsuited For Forest Glade


My husband and I are property owners in Bear Flat.

For 30 years, as we have driven to our cabin, we have passed a beautiful open meadow in the middle of the national forest. We are now horrified to find out that a developer wants to desecrate this pristine meadow.

What is being proposed as a idealistic vacation spot for "senior citizens" is, in actuality, a frightening nightmare.

We see instead an anthill of RVs and cabins clustered together in a density that is ludicrous. We see an ecological disaster where water will be scarce, sewage disposal questionable, light and noise pollution unavoidable, and fire danger frighteningly increased.

We, too, are "senior citizens," and we applaud the developers for wanting to create a vacation environment for that percentage of the population, but certainly such a development belongs in a proper place, and a pristine meadow in the middle of the national forest is not it.

We also have some real misgivings about the future of this project, (SettleInn at Pine Meadows). To allow a zoning change purely for economic reasons -- adding a tax base -- is folly.

We predict failure should this project be given the go-ahead, as planned. We can see the developers selling the sites and bailing out, leaving their grandiose plans for a golf course and a big clubhouse dying.

If the developers truly are "focusing on rural locations as they're still quiet and peaceful," as is outlined in their prospectus, how can they turn around and plan a development that will be just the reverse; people crammed together like piles of wood. How quiet and peaceful will that be?

What they are planning is an inappropriate use of the land.

We urge (the Gila County Board of Supervisors) to exercise the power, trust and fairness it was given by denying the rezoning and sending a message to the developers that this current plan is unacceptable.

Someone needs to come up with a use for that property that is in harmony with the surroundings.

Thomas and Patricia McCauley

Bear Flats

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