Aims Test May Have Unintended Consequences


Recently, I conducted an (informal) poll and collected 100 signatures by asking people if they think the high school dropout rate will increase when the AIMS test goes into effect.

More than half of the respondents felt that the high school dropout rate would definitely increase if students have a difficult time passing the AIMS test. This should be a big concern for the schools in Payson and the State of Arizona.

A lot of students seem to be concerned about passing the test, especially the students who will take it in the year 2002. Setting high standards for any school is a great idea, but I don't think that any student who studies hard and makes good grades for four years should have to take a test in order to graduate.

If you meet the requirements through finals and good grade averages, then you have accomplished what you needed to do to leave high school.

There are a lot of people who went to school in the past who are very smart and have very good jobs, so it seems they must have had an opportunity for a good education as well. Hopefully the results of my poll will not become a reality, and all high school students will be able to pass the AIMS test without any difficulty.

Michael Fanizza

Rim Country Middle School

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