Board Responsible For Improving Teacher Salaries


The salaries paid to our Payson Unified School District's teachers are depressing, dismal, demeaning, degrading and discouraging.

It's absurd to expect and demand excellence from our PUSD students via AIMS testing when we fail to pay our teachers a fair and professional wage. What is taught is what is learned.

The superintendent can't manufacture money from a budget that's cheap, frugal and shortsighted from a miserly legislature. However, the PUSD Governing Board can and should do what it was elected to do, i.e., govern and exert educational leadership via calling for an override election to address the serious inequities in teacher salaries in PUSD.

If the governing board fails to seriously address this critical issue then we the voters and taxpayers should elect individuals in November to the governing board with more foresight, empathy and fortitude.

Until such a time that the PUSD Governing Board, the PUSD superintendent, the Rim Country Chamber of Commerce and citizens concerned with education unite to remedy the teacher salary absurdness in PUSD, my new bumper sticker motto will be as follows:

Come to Payson: High gasoline and real estate prices, low teacher salaries.

Richard K. Meszar

Whispering Pines

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