Adopted Daughter Thinks Birth Mother Made Best Choice


I am writing in response to the article about young Amber Evanson and to the new proud parents, Kristi and Kerwin Kortman.

My name is Lindsay Lashbrook, and I am 14 years old. I, too, am adopted. My mother, Mary Jo, was unable to have kids, and after years of prayer, finally adopted a baby boy, my brother, and two years later adopted me.

I think God has truly blessed me with the two most wonderful parents in the world. I believe I am blessed to be raised in such a loving, Christian household. I, too, have an open adoption. My birth mom was pregnant with me at the age of 14. Since she was unable to raise me properly, she placed me in a family that could. I think about being pregnant at such an early age, and realize she made the best decision.

To the young baby, things will be hard for you. Growing up, people may make fun of you. You will be faced with difficulties in life. People may make you mad, and you will learn from your mistakes.

Life is tough. Pray. God will keep you. I know your new parents and know that you will be raised in a wonderful home with a family that loves God. Be thankful to have the opportunity to grow up in a good environment. May God bless you.

Amber, you have been faced with a very difficult decision. You are a very smart, strong and courageous young lady. May God bless you and be with you always.

And to the Kortman's, congratulations, and God bless.

Lindsay Lashbrook

Age 14


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