Town Council Tables Zoning Issues


Two potentially controversial rezoning applications were tabled at Thursday's Payson Town Council meeting, putting off any debate on the issues for a couple of weeks.

Pushed back to the June 8 council meeting was an application filed by F.P. Real Estate L.L.C.

seeking zone changes to allow construction of Chaparral Lakes, a proposed 144-acre private gated community of 88 single-family residential lots averaging 41,900 square feet; a future adjoining development of 56 homes; and Tract W of Chaparral Pines Phase Two, which would connect the two developments located east of Tyler Parkway.

Also tabled was a rezoning application filed by local property owner Harold Corbin to allow construction of a proposed five-home, 14-acre subdivision at 400 S. Tyler Parkway.

The only zoning issue finalized Thursday regarded the Tonto National Forest administration site.

Community Development Director Bob Gould's request asked that one portion of the unzoned site, 53 acres north of Highway 260 and owned by Eastern Arizona College, be zoned R3, which colleges require; that the portion south of Highway 260 and north of Granite Dells Road, approximately 272 acres, be zoned to allow one residential unit for every four acres; and that the 28-acre portion south of Granite Dells be zoned open space.

Also approved at the meeting:

  • The Year 2000 Payson Strategic Plan, which officially identifies the town's top five priorities as 1) water resource management and development, 2) the new library, 3) capital improvement plans for streets and roads, 4) a market adjustment to town employees' compensation plan, and 5) improvement of the new rodeo grounds.

• An adult fee increase for open swimming at Taylor Pool. While Parks and Recreation Director Bill Schwind sought to increase fees for open swimming from $1 for general admission to $1.25 for children and $1.50 for adults, as well as an increase for swim teams from $30 to $40, the council only approved the adult fee increase.

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