Vietnam Veteran 'Made Me Proud To Be An American'


On May 3, Jack Koon, a Vietnam veteran, came to Payson Center for Success High School to talk about his Vietnam experience.

I've never heard the Vietnam story like this. I've heard of the machine guns, jungles, and have seen all those war movies.

From Mr. Koon, I've learned the real meaning of war. It's scary, bloody, emotional, tragic and a lot of other bad things.

"I'd do it all again so you kids wouldn't have to go through it," Mr. Koon said.

He made me proud to be an American, more than ever.

He also used words like mama-san and papa-san. That made me feel a little uncomfortable, since I was born in the Philippines, where those words are common. If I was still there, I'd see some leftovers of the violent war. Once again, I thank my dad for bringing me to America. Let the freedom ring.

I've also learned what veterans had to go through: 50 inches of cold rain in a month, diseased leaches, humidity, thick jungles, constant worry of getting hit, fear of losing friends and the pain of losing them, and so much more.

Mr. Koon thought of his two friends, who aren't with us today because of the war, and with the thought came tears. I learned how disappointed the veterans were when after all they gave, the victory went to Vietnam. I've learned there are worse things than not having a car and even no home. Much love and respect to all veterans and all soldiers around the world.

Cathy Evans

Payson Center for Success Student

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