'Battle Of The Bands' Broke Up Monotony


The "Battle of the Bands" was so cool. I had lots of fun and so did my friends. It's a lot better than just sitting around doing nothing.

There is nothing much for teens to do in this town. In the summer we have the swimming pool and on Friday we have laser bowling, but its all so boring. It was fun at first but now its no fun. Payson should have an arcade or maybe a dance hall for teens. I think so many people smoke and do drugs because that's all they have to do. I seem to find myself watching TV or sleeping whenever I have free time. What kind of life is that?

I should be out having fun and enjoying my youth. If it wasn't for cheerleading practice, I would get fat, but not everyone is into sports. I'm looking forward to our new movie theater but we don't need two. One should be a roller rink.

Lisa Pennington

Rim Country Middle School student

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