Pcs Students Chart Their Own Courses


Payson Center for Success High School, Payson Unified School District's only charter school, has been open for four years.

Forty-eight students ages 16-21, attend the computerized learning center at 501 S. McLane Road. The school has two certified teachers on staff: Monica Nitzsche who serves as principal and teacher, and Tina Crabdree, who serves as curriculum coordinator and teacher. Rounding out the staff are instructional assistant Charles Piggott and administrative assistant Cindy Shafe.

Payson Center for Success provides students with a self-paced, individualized learning program, with a strong emphasis on career exploration and community involvement.

The school is accredited by the North Central Association and provides its graduates with fully recognized high school diplomas.

By February, 10 students had already graduated this school year an impressive statistic considering that only 10 students graduated during the entire 1998-99 school year.

Self-motivation, determination and a strong sense of personal responsibility are the characteristics necessary to be successful in this innovative educational environment.


10. Positive parent support

9. Career exploration and preparation

8. Self-paced learning in quiet, structured environment

7. Decision-making skills are stressed

6. Responsibility for learning is student centered

5. Academic expectations are high

4. Greater flexibility in scheduling

3. One-on-on learning

2. Numerous opportunities to work in the community

1. Success of every student supported

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