Pes By The Numbers


Payson Elementary School

Number of students: 452

Average number of students per classroom: K-5 21; Title I 11 Multiple-age, handicapped, special education 15.

School's student capacity: 480

District boundaries: North of Highway 260 and east of Highway 87, but including Payson Ranchos

Campus profile (number of classrooms and other areas): 21

Number of teachers: 24, including physical education, library and music teachers.

Teacher recognition: Mrs. Doyle 1998 Arizona Science Teacher of the Year.

Advanced placement and accelerated classes: PUSD gifted program

Special needs classes: Two learning disabled, multiple handicapped

Special programs: DARE, Panther Park

Academic honors: Exemplary School 1998-99


At Payson Elementary School we believe that right personal relationships and right attitudes will do more for education than all the gadgets, kits, test workbooks, imposed discipline and rules in the world.

1. We really do believe the introduction


2. It's clean.

3. Not only do we believe it - we practice it.

People at our site bend over backwards to help

each other, and fill in for each other whether or

not it is in their regular job description.

4. Our entire staff cafeteria workers, teachers,

classroom aides, workroom aides and office

personnel consider themselves "on duty" at

all times and are very attentive to detail.

5. It's spotless.

6. We believe that self-esteem comes from

competency; competency comes from

practicing correctly; practicing correctly comes

from careful systematic instruction and holding

students accountable.

7. Your children will know their multiplication

and division math facts backward and for-

ward by the time they leave Guaranteed!

This is the gateway to many other math

application skills.

8. Our custodians and maintenance staff take

great pride in their work each night so that

children and teachers have a safe, clean

environment every day.

9. Panthers can outrun bulldogs and wolves any

day. Plus they can climb trees (Check your

encyclopedia to verify this.)

10. We believe in hard work but lots of fun!

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