Search And Rescue Helped Injured Hiker During 'Scariest Moments'


I was rescued May 7 from Bear Flat Canyon/Thompson Draw by The Tonto Rim Search and Rescue.

I had been hiking, when a boulder slipped out from under me, and I fell into the creek and got a 7-inch long laceration on the back of my upper thigh. I was very scared because my husband had to leave me and hike back out to get help since I could not walk and I would not let him carry me for fear he would slip and get hurt, too.

Back at the campground, my husband found a family that was fishing and they helped him call the authorities so he could go back to be with me. You cannot imagine how happy and relieved I was to see those bright orange shirts hiking in to help me about two hours later.

The EMTs got me bandaged and out of the creek and tried to keep me calm. Then those poor guys from Search and Rescue had to carry me in a basket for about a mile, in very rough terrain, back to the campground where the EMTs took me by ambulance to Payson Regional Medical Center where I was stitched up by the nicest group of caring doctors and nurses I've ever met.

I just wanted some way to express my thanks to all the people who helped me in what was probably one of my scariest moments. I was told that most of the people involved were volunteers and came to help a stranger on their Sunday afternoon.

It is knowing that there are people like them volunteering their time to help others, that will allow me to continue fishing and hiking and doing the things that I enjoy with a little more confidence and a lot more respect for the outdoors. Thank you very much.

Margie Pell

Peoria, Ariz.

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