Teen Looking For Something To Do In Town


I would like to know why it is so hard to get the people in this town to bring in things for the young people to do. We have had the Stampede (miniature golf and game center), but most of the time it's closed and once you've been there a couple of times that's enough.

When we had a movie theater at least we could go there for something different to do. So I'm very happy that we will be getting a theater here in Payson (maybe two). I still don't know why the city council took so long and made it so hard for some of the theaters that wanted to come to Payson last year.

I think we need a better variety of places for young people to go after school, evenings and weekends. A few suggestions my friends have are: a place to play ping-pong or pool, an arcade, laser tag, a paint ball arena, a rock climbing wall, an obstacle course at the park, bike ramps, paddle boat or kayak rentals at the lake, a place to dance and play loud music, or have local bands jam. If the town could help improve the zoo, or bring in an aquarium or another museum that has plants and animals from our local habitat, some kids, and even some adults, might be interested in going there.

I have gone to some Town Council meetings and there is money that the town can use from grants to improve the town. Can some of this money be used to help people open some of these businesses for kids living in town? I know that people think kids will vandalize places, but if you make a program that parents have to sign their kids up and be responsible for, and the kids have to have a card to get in to the places, maybe the parents will help stop the vandalism.

Please consider what I've said and help the young people of Payson get off the couch and out from behind the TV and get the gangs and drugs out of this town.

Terry Green,

Rim Country Middle School student

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