Legislature Needs To Support Schools, Teachers


I read recently that Wal-Mart announced its Teacher of the Year. Wonderful! This is an honor earned by a hard-working, dedicated teacher.

Fortunately, our schools have many such teachers. Isn't it time our Legislature honors its teachers throughout Arizona by funding education in such a way as to provide money for decent salaries.

When a school district develops its budget, it has to take into consideration capital purchases, building, on-going maintenance, supplies, books, other materials and, finally, salaries and benefits. The problem is that (salaries and benefits are) usually the last consideration. Teachers are then asked to choose the programs to be eliminated to provide funds for salaries. They are asked to choose between your children and their own families.

Maybe it's time for us all to tell our legislators that this is a choice teachers shouldn't have to make. Write or call your legislators. Tell them the time has come to make the decisions that will support our schools -- and our teachers.

Donn C. Morris


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