Time For Government To Stop Playing With Fire


The government is playing with fire. Prescribed burns are ineffective, cause greater ecological problems, and, as we see in Los Alamos, (N.M.) and the Grand Canyon, have devastating consequences when control is lost.

It is time that Governor Hull put in place a moratorium on prescribed burns, during which a cost and risk versus benefit analysis can be undertaken.

Government has always claimed that it knows what it's doing. But it is not God and cannot prevent unexpected winds from sending these burns out of control. In Arizona, we have the added disaster potential of a fire storm situation at the Navajo Depot near Flagstaff, where nerve gas and blistering agents are stored. We need this moratorium now to protect our homes and personal safety against this risky government program.

To contact Governor Hull and call for such a moratorium on prescribed burns write to: Governor Jane Dee Hull, 1700 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, AZ 85007; or phone (800) 253-0883.

W. Cannon,

Prescott, Ariz.

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