Water Conservation Tips For The Summer


by Jeff Durbin
town water resource specialist
Did you know that this has been one of the Rim country's driest seasons in recorded history? The fall of 1999, set the area's record for most consecutive days without rain.

Rain and snowfall are important because the town's groundwater, which supplies residents with drinking water, is recharged by precipitation. Most of this year's water problems can be blamed on La Ni aftereffects.

Water conservation is essential during the summer when the town is crowded with summer visitors.

Try some of these easy to follow water saving tips at home or at work:

Water dams

Install a toilet dam or displacement device such as a bag or bottle to cut down on the amount of water needed for each flush. Be sure installation does not interfere with operating parts. When purchasing new or replacement toilets, consider low-volume units.

Water-wise plants

The next time you replace a flower or a shrub, use a colorful low-water use plant. You can save more than 400 gallons a month by using zeriscape landscaping methods. If you would like a zeriscape plant booklet, you can pick one up at the water department for free.

Quick water savers

Install a low-flow showerhead. It's easy to do, and these showerheads use half the water used by regular showerheads. They save electricity, since half of the shower water used is heated.

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