Teens With Little To Do Looking In Wrong Places


In answer to the letters two teens wrote recently asking the town to do something to bring entertainment into Payson so they won't have to be couch potatoes and watch TV or "do drugs:" I can remember a time when my own teens complained about the same lack of something to do.

When I found "something" for them to do, they stopped complaining. That was their first lesson in life, that neither I nor anyone else was sent here on earth for the sole purpose of keeping them entertained.

They soon used their own initiatives to entertain themselves, rather than pull weeds or do the dishes. As to finding some businessman to invest his life savings in a business in Payson to have the teens use it a few times and then become bored and move on to something else, I wish the young lady luck.

The few that have gone down that path learned an expensive lesson. Payson is a small town, with limited resources, and in the very long time I have lived here, I have marveled at all the things the town is trying to bring into existence to make this town a better place for everyone, young or old or in-between.

One of the nicest things lately is Green Valley Park, which is filled with families having picnics, walking their dogs, or just sitting and watching young people have fun.

Rumsey Park has been upgraded, and now we have the new rodeo grounds with all its potentials for other events, too. We have tennis courts, a swimming pool and baseball fields.

The schools have basketball courts and a baseball field. A new and better library is in the works.
Concerts are held outdoors at GVP, or at the school's auditorium. Our beautiful forests have hiking trails where one can observe wildlife. Both the high school's drama class and a local group put on plays for our enjoyment. In a very few years, the teenagers will be graduating from high school and will be entering the world more or less on their own.

The schools and their parents have tried to give them the knowledge and tools to help them make some very important decisions. If they are going to college, they will have to decide what subjects they will need to take to advance in the career they have chosen. They may need a scholarship and a part-time job to help finance their four years in college.

If they decide to skip college and find a job, what have they learned to get that job, if they haven't had any job experience during their high school years? The Future Farmers of America is great for teaching both boys and girls skills in homemaking and in raising and caring for animals. Payson has fine schools and wonderful teachers, who are more than willing to help any student who asks for their advice.

Look, kiddos, life is not a bed of roses, as your parents have probably told you. What you do with your life is your choice, no one else can do it for you.

You can sit on your couch and watch TV until your parents pull the power plug and point the way out the door, or you can get off your duff and start thinking about how you can make your life better, and perhaps how you can do something to make someone else's life more pleasant.

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