Mesa Del Residents Ordered To Conserve


Mesa del Caballo was placed on Stage 3 water restrictions Wednesday, which means residents can't water their yards, gardens and all other outdoor landscaping.
"These are mandatory restrictions requiring that all outside watering be curtailed except for livestock, and that measures be taken to reduce daily consumption by 25 percent," Brooke Utilities President Bob Hardcastle said. Mesa del's water utility, Payson Water Company, is a subsidiary of Brooke Utilities.
Other communities are facing similar problems, Hardcastle said.
"All of our water facilities in the Rim country are operating just fine," he said, "but we have had a fairly serious decline in water static levels as much as 35 or 40 percent around the county."
Mesa del residents can call Payson Water Company at (800) 270-6084 to report water wasters.
"You don't have to give your name," Hardcastle said, "but unless we hear from you, we won't know what is going on. We promise to check out all calls we receive."
Hardcastle also wants to emphasize that water conservation restrictions are regulatory conditions imposed on Brooke Utilities by the state.
"We are required to enforce them," he said. "Hopefully by being cautious we can get through this situation together."

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