'Chamber Volunteers Are Not Walking Encyclopedias'


As a five-year Payson chamber volunteer, I challenge Mr. Paul Foster's letter to the editor dated May 23, wherein he states that our local chamber of commerce fails to serve the community because "it doesn't know or care what's going on in Payson. I thought its function was to help local business people?"

Gladly, diligently and courteously, volunteers pass on to the public by telephone, mail and in person, all of the information that is provided to them by sponsors of local events such as date of the event, time, place, price, schedule of activities, where tickets may be purchased, names of contact persons, etc.

Specifically, though, as to the May rodeo, complaints made by Mr. Foster about the numerous phone calls he received, volunteers did not know who the secretary and officers are of the rodeo committee, why Bill Armstrong did not answer his phone, why Bill Armstrong does not have an answering machine, where Bill Armstrong could be reached, availability of seats, how hot was it going to be on any given rodeo day, why weren't rodeo tickets available at the chamber, etc.

Questions volunteers cannot answer about a particular event, organization, business, job opportunities, property (and) real estate values, etc., are referred to their respective contact person or persons. Surprisingly as it may seem to some callers, chamber volunteers are not walking encyclopedias, meteorologists or mind readers.

We are as helpful as possible and always with a smile.

Mary Lou Lopez-Miller


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