Gun Control Advocates Inviting Big Brother Into Our Homes


For Americans to accept serious gun control, they are also going to have to accept extreme toughness in the enforcement of those laws. This will entail an unbelievable amount of police intrusiveness.
Every dwelling in America will be legally subjected to a crack-house treatment pepper spray, mace, nightsticks and handcuffs.
Nah, they won't do that, will they?
Four or five decades ago, the powers-that-were thought they were getting gun-control and gun-seizure laws passed. they prematurely disclosed the penalties and punishments for owning a gun. They made a huge mistake.
(The penalty) five years in prison or a $5,000 fine or both woke up the most lethargic of us.
Maybe we're in no danger of losing our rights. Let's try it and see.
Why do I keep looking over my shoulder?
Alyce Hicks

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