Stories for November 2000


Thursday, November 30

New Humane Society policy necessary to reduce strays

The Payson Humane Society has fallen in line with many humane societies across the nation in adopting a policy requiring that all dogs and cats be spayed or neutered before being adopted.

Lady Horns debut strong against Fountain Hills

If Tuesday night's season opener for the Payson High School girls varsity basketball team is any indication of things to come, the Lady Longhorns might just blow through the competition this year like a twister on an Iowa corn field.

5th-placed Longhorn players tapped for postseason honors

Posting a mediocre 3-3 East record and finishing fifth in the final standings didn't stop the Payson Longhorn football team from being well represented when coaches selected the All-East teams.

Thief swipes Samaritan's tree

Employees of Samaritan Family Health Center in Payson arrived at work Wednesday morning and immediately noticed something missing: During the night, a thief crept onto the property, chopped down a 16-foot blue spruce evergreen and hauled it away.

Study maps rocky course for charter education

An extensive five-year study of charter schools just released by the Goldwater Institute's Center for Market-Based Education gives Arizona's charters high marks for innovation, but also reveals some developing problems that threaten their long-term success.

Chamber flip-flops on its election process

Election. The right or ability to choose.

Violent crime on rise in Land Down Under

Australia has joined with the other English common-market countries, such as Canada, in establishing very strict gun-control and registration laws. A recent study in Australia has shown the following results:

Light the town blue this season

Remember your Blue Light this holiday season and encourage others to participate in Project Blue Light. The blue light symbolically reminds us of police officers who have made the supreme sacrifice and honors the men and women who continue to serve and protect our communities.

'Lawmakers should have done their homework'

I've heard a lot about the alt-fuel vehicle program. (At first), if you bought an alt-fuel vehicle, the state would refund some of the money. Now, after everyone has bought his or her alt-fuel vehicle, the state wants to back out of the original program. I think this is unfair.

'Put healthcare interests first'

Arizona's as well as the nation's hospitals are in dire financial straits.

Derwort wins outstanding service award

Becky Derwort's unwavering commitment to the Special Olympics programs has earned her the most prestigious award given by the state SO organization.

Horn hoops loses season-opener to Fountain Hills

After suffering through a forgettable 3-20 campaign last season, Longhorn boys basketball coach Randy Wilcox had his hoop sights set on a season-opening win Tuesday in Fountain Hills. An early victory, he said, would help erase the team's hardwood blues.


Pine's hopping with holiday happenings

Shelter tightens spay policy

A new Payson Humane Society policy, which requires all dogs and cats to be spayed or neutered before their new owners take them home, is being lauded by some and denounced by others.

Johnnie Beattie

Johnnie Faye Beattie, 67, of Pine, died Nov. 27, 2000. She was born July 23, 1933, in Mena, Ark. Mrs. Beattie was a homemaker. She was a member of the Mystical Rose Sodality at St. Philip the Apostle Catholic Church.

Cabinet company negotiating with town, ADOT for piece of airport land

The Payson Town Council will hold a special meeting at 4 p.m., Tuesday, Dec. 5 at Town Hall to consider whether to accommodate the land needs of a company that wants to relocate here and hire 50 area residents at an average annual salary of $28,000.

Gibson named East's Coach of the Year

You don't have to talk long to Payson High School girls soccer coach Linda Gibson to realize her focus on teaching more than just soccer is no doubt what led fellow 3A East soccer coaches to name her Coach of the Year.

Defensive hustle key to jayvee win

The Longhorns jayvee girls hit the court Tuesday, jumping to a quick 7-0 lead over Fountain Hills. However, FH came back with five unanswered points of their own, making it 7-5 at the end of the first quarter of play.

Fire chars log home in Christopher Creek

A fire destroyed in a few hours much of the log home it had taken two brothers in Christopher Creek 18 months to build.

Amon Builders lowest in bid for new library

Amon Builders of Payson is expected to be named general contractor for the new Payson Public Library after submitting the low bid among eight that were received and opened Thursday afternoon at Town Hall.

Eskew, Hildreth engaged

James Anthony Eskew and Frances Macrina Hildreth will be married at 1 p.m. Jan. 13, 2001, at the Mountain Bible Church.

The key to e-commerce success: marketing, marketing, marketing

For small business owners who finally get around to putting their wares on the Internet, it's the biggest surprise of the electronic age.

Monday, November 27

Partisan grandma eats crow for Thanksgiving

We almost got into a political snit at breakfast on Thanksgiving Day, and it was mostly my fault. But, not to be too hard on myself, maybe we weren't all that different from other red-blooded Americans sitting around tables, sipping coffee and reading the newspaper or watching TV with family members gathered for the holiday.

William Meek

William Leroy Meek, 75, of Payson, died Nov. 24, 2000, in Scottsdale. He was born Aug. 5, 1925, in Windber, Pa.

Seniors targeted by phone, mail scams

The woman was quite old and very confused.

Sun glare leads to fatal accident on Highway 260

The glaring afternoon sun, combined with a dirty windshield, contributed to a three-car accident Saturday that left one man dead and closed Highway 260 for about 30 minutes on a busy holiday weekend.

'We don't turn anyone down'

Local food bank provides hard-luck help, with interest

A chilly breeze blows in through the open door of the St. Vincent de Paul Food Bank's tiny office, but a bright beam of noonday sun competes for attention. Stephanie and Christian Madrid come in with their 4-day-old daughter, Destiny.

Students learn Character Counts!

R - E - S - P - E - C - T.

The sounds echoed off the walls of the Frontier Elementary School dome and, school officials hoped, into the minds and hearts of the students seated in neat rows on the floor.

Morgida, Ross marry

Kimberly Ann Morgida and John Williams Ross were married Oct. 14, 2000. The bride, a Realtor with Coldwell Banker, is from Massachusetts and has lived in Payson for more than six years. Her mother, Jean Reardon, lives in Brockton, Mass. with her brother, Michael.

Moggie's last hike

Churning out bylines is a tedious task that tests the wherewithal of the best of newspaper reporters. A few stories, however, are labors of love.

Fisherman's tale doesn't jibe with fishing report

I'm an avid fisherman, and I fish at Green Valley Park a lot with my friends.

Gore should have demanded Clinton's resignation

I didn't vote for Al Gore or his running mate Senator (Joe) Lieberman.

'(Attempt) to force Al Gore to win ... is detestable'

I am incredulously appalled by the manipulation and abuse of law occurring in Florida.

Voter turnout reaches new heights

Arizona law requires that I canvass the General Election results for the State of Arizona Monday, Nov. 27, 2000. As I prepare to perform this duty in conjunction with the governor, the attorney general and the chief justice of the Supreme Court, I want to congratulate the voters of Arizona for their participation in the election. Voter turnout for the General Election is 71.8 percent, a significant increase from the 63.9 percent turnout in the 1996 Presidential election.

Gore beginning to sound like a spoilsport

Florida election officials have certified George W. Bush as the winner of the State's 25 electoral votes.

Jerome Stotko

Jerome "Jerry" Anthony Stotko, 79, of Payson, died Nov. 25, 2000. He was born Dec. 9, 1920, in Waverly, Minn. to Joseph and Anna Fautch Stotko.

AIMS test delayed

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Lisa Graham Keegan gave juniors at Payson High and around the state an early Christmas gift when she announced that the AIMS graduation test has been put on hold.

Former chef cooks up new lifestyle for New Year's

Considering the way she arrived in the Rim country, it's amazing that Susan Begin didn't turn right around and leave.

Longhorns basketball, wrestling seasons debut

Preseason practices are the bane of most prep athletes' existence.

Realignment hangs in the balance for East Region

Athletic directors in the 3A conference are sorting through a mess that could take as long to unravel as the Florida ballots.

Saturday, November 25

Around the Rim Country

Holiday shopping for real people

One of the sure signs that the holiday season is upon us is the annual release of the Neiman Marcus Christmas catalog for those who have too much money for their own good.

Review Feature

Reporter's beauty and ego more than skin deep

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful. It's not my fault. I just happen to be an exceedingly lovely guy.

Thursday, November 23

It's beginning to look a lot like 'Seasons Greetings'

Up here in Strawberry, a person starts to hear sleigh bells this time of year, not because there are many sleighs, but because it can snow almost any day.

The source of season's greetings

Christmas has become America's favorite holiday season, even though it's nearly divorced from its origins. One could almost call it a national pastime rather than a Christian festival.

Stoves, trees holiday hot spots for fire hazards

According to Red Cross statistics, single-family house fires are the disaster the organization responds to most during the holiday season.

Alt-fuel bargain a costly purchase

As the state legislature ducks into committee hearings to sort through proposals to stop alternative-fuel-refund money from hemorrhaging from the treasury, an elderly couple in Payson is doing a little ducking as well.

Fire destroys travel trailer

A Payson man, who was living in a travel trailer parked in a local RV park, lost his home Tuesday to a fire started by an improperly operated heater.

Roundup raises newsstand price

In 1986, a gallon of milk cost $1.39 and your Payson Roundup cost 35 cents.

Turkey Trot attracts record numbers

The official results are in for the Payson Parks and Recreation-sponsored 2000 Turkey Trot 5K Run/Walk which was held Saturday at Green Valley Park.

Horns won crown, but on different turf

In a preseason preview of the Longhorn boys basketball team that appeared in the Nov. 17 issue of the Payson Roundup, I wrote that if the 2000-2001 team played well in the state semifinals at Northern Arizona University, the Horns would advance for the first time to the tournament finals in Phoenix Suns' America West Arena.

Refs reign over Rim country courts

It's a dirty job coaches often kick dirt on your shoes but Ted Pettet and Tim Fruth can't get enough of it.

Curtis Schroeder

Curtis "Curt" Vastine Schroeder, 73, of Payson, died Nov. 20, 2000, in Payson.

Dorothy Schmidt

Dorothy Mae Schmidt, 81, of Payson, died Nov. 22, 2000, in Payson.

Students on Internet not researching but 'regurgitating'

I think it is wonderful that more computer technology has been added to the local schools. It is another modern tool for learning.

Herron got 'right to the point' on Veterans Memorial

Three cheers and hooray for Councilman Hoby Herron. His guest comments (Roundup, Nov. 14) referencing the Veterans War Memorial were right to the point. No taxpayer money for this project.


P-S organizations deserve thanks

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. Here's hoping your turkey was tender, your taters mashed and your family fun.

'Large homes don't burn, and Titanic is unsinkable'

The Titanic is unsinkable ... right? I find it ironic that in the Friday, November 17 (issue of the) Payson Roundup, two of the articles on the front page had such different opinions, yet were tied together.

Community family needs nurturing, too

Last week, two people died in a house fire in Payson. Since I have lived here, my heart has become attached to the community in a way I never would have dreamed.

Fifty-year-old woman running for 'dear' life

Beth Rimmer of Payson is wrapping up the final preparations for a special holiday gift this year. The 50-year-old plans to run 13.1 miles for an 8-year-old girl she's never met and who lives about 2,500 miles away.

Lady Mavs hit road high on win

The Rim Country Middle School girls volleyball team, which played its last home game this week, will now take its reputation as a dominating division force on the road.

Monday, November 20

Founding father forgotten

Wally Davis Sr. feels like a Native American without a tribe.

Concert series one of Payson's best-kept secrets

On Monday evening my wife, my eldest son and I, joined hundreds of Rim country residents to attend an event at the Payson High School Auditorium that is, in my opinion, one of Payson's best-kept secrets the Tonto Community Concert Series.

Junior Olympic standouts sprint into nationals

A pair of Rim country teenagers will be participating in the Junior Olympic National Cross Country championships Dec. 9 at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park near Reno, Nev.

School home page helps students with homework

Rim Country Middle School Principal Frank Larby hopes he has solved an old problem with some new technology.

Pine teens hurt in crash

Two Payson High School students were seriously injured in one of two accidents that occurred within a few minutes and 100 yards of each other on the Beeline Highway just south of Pine Monday morning.

Nancy Dixon

Nancy Charlene Dixon, 65, of Payson, died Nov. 17, 2000. She was born Dec. 11. 1934, in Prescott, Ariz.

Grace disarms Law on basketball court

Local pastors outplay officers for local charity

When attempting to determine superiority between Law and Grace, those possessing wisdom and insight always place their trust in grace.

Girls take 'Hardt attack' to hardwood

Vowing to put a team on the court that out-hustles and outscraps all opponents, first-year Lady Longhorn basketball coach Shaun Hardt is eager to make his varsity coaching debut.

Mavericks wrestle to bronze in Heber

White Mountain League wrestling action is heating up the middle school/junior high sports scene. Just last Saturday, Rim Country Middle School the local entry in the WML wrestled its way to a third-place finish during the Heber-Mogollon Invitational Tournament.

Walter Hartranft Sr.

Walter "Walt" Harold Hartranft, Sr., 65, of Payson, died Nov. 11, 2000. He was born March 23, 1935, in Philadelphia, Pa. He had lived in Arizona since 1967.

What's open Turkey Day weekend?

Here's another reason to give thanks on Thanksgiving Day: The handy list below points out which local institutions are open and which are closed for the holiday.

Gift ideas for the grandkids

A generation ago, kids were delighted to find "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" under the Christmas tree the book by Dr. Seuss, that is. This holiday season, what with the movie just out, the kids will be clamoring for all sorts of Grinch toys.

Local doctor invents test that checks health within

What does Rim Country resident Rob Greenberg have in common with the likes of 19th century scientists Louis Pasture, Antwan BeChamp and 1950s scientist Claude Bernard? They all have a passionate understanding of the principals of biological terrain assessment the science of determining how healthy and susceptible to disease people are.

Giving thanks for time shared, then and now

When I was a little girl in the 1930s, my father would often say especially on Thanksgiving "Thank the Lord we're not on the dole."

House fire victims identified

The two people killed in a mobile home fire in Payson Ranchos last Thursday have been identified as John Dixon, 78, and his wife Nancy, 65.

Sawmill Theatres open Wednesday

Clear your schedule, call the baby sitter and turn off your cell phone.

Payson pair return from Madagascar determined to help

For Rim country residents Norm Tucker and Howard Shurtleff, Thanksgiving is going to be especially meaningful this year.

John Dixon

John David Dixon, 78, of Payson, died Nov. 17, 2000. He was born March 29, 1922, in Blackjack, N.C.

Secondino Macias

Secondino "Joe" Soto Macias, 77, of Star Valley, Ariz. died Nov. 17, 2000 in Payson, Ariz. He was born on July 1, 1923 in Kansas City, Kan. and formerly resided in Kansas City, Mo.

Let election passions subside before calling for end to electoral college

This year's presidential winner will prevail by only the slimmest of margins.

Forest-thinning project a 'logging scam'

Despite the media hype about the 7 million acres of forest land that burned this year, that number was well below the 1916-1999 U.S. annual average of 13.9 million acres.

Christians must 'uphold the truth to the end'

I have had people asking me what I thought about Jimmy Carter withdrawing his membership from the Baptist National Convention.

Payson soccer players score 3A East victories

The Payson High School soccer teams have ended their seasons, but the accolades continue for team standouts.

Saturday, November 18

Around the Rim Country

Thanksgiving without 'Mom'

Life isn't always funny. One of my best friends since I moved to the Rim country four years ago was a lady named Lillian Heyen. She was what you might consider a feisty old broad.

Review Feature

Giving thanks for tiny blessings

Last Thanksgiving, as countless relatives gathered in our dining room, my 6-year-old son was elected to deliver the mealtime prayer.

Thursday, November 16

Schools too focused on football

Don't get me wrong, Rim Country Middle School and Payson High School are great schools, but they worry too much about football.

Walter Harold Hartranft, Sr.

Walter "Walt" Harold Hartranft, Sr., 65, of Payson, died Nov. 11, 2000. He was born on March 23, 1935 in Philadelphia, Pa. and had lived in Arizona since 1967.

Police chief needs grace under fire to beat clergy

Those who've seen Payson Police Chief Gordy Gartner shoot hoops rarely feel compelled to dub him Michael Jordan's Rim country clone.

Rim country shoppers love to purchase and talk turkey

"I wish the Bald Eagle had not been chosen as the representative of our country: he is a Bird of bad moral character: like those among Men who live by Sharping and Robbing, he is generally poor and very often lousy.

Students removed from class over books

Life School teacher resigns

A teacher at Life School College Prep, a charter middle school for grades five through eight, has resigned after a group of parents withdrew their children from the school to protest his teaching style and the subject matter introduced in his classroom.

BMX rider wants town to make tracks

My name is Matt Lister. I am an eighth-grade student. I know you've probably heard time and again that we need more youth facilities. And this is another letter that backs that up.

William Rosebrook

William E. Rosebrook, 85, of Payson, died Nov. 10, 2000, in Payson. He was born Oct. 8, 1915, in Groveton, N.H.

AIMS not a true test of students' knowledge

I think that the AIMS test is a misrepresentation of the knowledge of students. Teachers are given a curriculum to teach each year, and each year, more things are added to the curriculum. Students are not getting time to fully understand a subject. By the time that they do understand it, it is already too late.

Girls teams want to share success with community

I would like to bring this to your attention. I am an eighth-grade girl who plays sports for Rim Country Middle School and also for the town league. I represent a group of girls who take their athletics as seriously as any boy does.

Forest fireproofing project a charade

The logging industry and western senators like Arizona's Jon Kyl are counting on the forest "fireproofing" scheme of Wallace Covington of Northern Arizona University's School of Forestry. NAU's Web page lists Covington, along with 27 other forestry school profs, and puts the disarming words "forest ecology" after his name.

Cross country champs race back to competition

A week after the Arizona State High School Cross Country championships wrapped up, a contingent of six Payson High School athletes joined by two from Rim Country Middle School leaped spikes-first back into competition.

Even loving parents forget this safety rule

It's amazing, really.

We're certain that you know at least one set of parents who absolutely love and adore their children, would do anything for them, and would never dream of harming them in any way.

Two die in mobile home fire

Two people died Thursday night in a fire that destroyed their doublewide mobile home in Payson Ranchos.

Horns' starting lineup still up in the air

The success of the Payson High School boys basketball team could rest on the shoulders of four senior letter winners Sterling White, Brad Bynum, David LaForge and Tyler Pettet.

Recycling hits curbs next week

Payson's first curbside recycling program will officially begin next Wednesday, just in time for the Thanksgiving trash crush, Tyler Tabar, president of Arizona Recycling Curbside Specialists, said.

Town unwilling to share costs for road to hospital

The Payson Town Council earned some time off for Thanksgiving after working its way through a tedious four-hour session Thursday at Town Hall.


Storytellers sweet-talk on stage

This Saturday, stories of adventure, excitement and humor will unfold in the Pine Community Center during the town's 2nd Annual Telebration a celebration of storytelling.

Petitioners force vote on fire code

A petition asking to place recent changes to the Town of Payson uniform fire code on the ballot has been filed by a group of local businessmen.

Election tallies change; results remain the same

The recount goes on in Florida, and it's anybody's guess when the nation's next president will be announced, but in Gila County, the votes are finally in.

Frances Anderson

Frances Elaine Anderson, 81, died Nov. 16, 2000, in Payson. She was born Nov. 18, 1918, in Willmar, Minn.

Ernie Pretsch

Ernie Pretsch, 89, of Payson, died Nov. 14, 2000, at his home in Payson. He was born in 1911 in West Prussia.

Victoria Roe

Victoria Scott Roe, 81, of Gisela, died Nov. 10, 2000, at her home in Gisela. She was born Victoria Liberty Coon Dec. 1, 1918, in Queen Creek, Ariz. to Frederic and Lilly Coon. Mrs. Roe lived her childhood and early teen years in Vicksburg and Wickenburg, Ariz.

Monday, November 13

Student OK after fall from catwalk

A Payson High School sophomore who fell about 25 feet through the ceiling of the school auditorium Monday suffered only bumps and bruises, drama teacher Kathy Siler said.

Payson up for new area code

The 520 area code, which covers all of Arizona except the Phoenix area, will run out of prefixes in about a year, so public hearings are under way around the state to discuss options for implementing a new area code.

Movie-going tips for the sophisticated cinemaniac

For the first time in its history somewhere this side of Thanksgiving weekend Payson will be getting its very own, bona-fide, high-tech, state-of-the-art actual movie theater as opposed to a converted storefront where the motion picture viewing experience is something akin to watching your Uncle Ned's grainy old Super-8 home movies projected on a wrinkly old sheet in his living room.

Mabel Anderson

Mabel L. Anderson, 73, died Nov. 8, 2000, in Peoria, Ariz. She was born April 12, 1927, in Grand Rapids, Mich.

David Holton

David C. Holton, 88, of Payson, died Nov. 10, 2000, in Payson. He was born Nov. 23, 1911, in New York City, N.Y.

Wrestlers primed for another winning season

With the onset of the season just two weeks away, the 2000-2001 edition of the Longhorn wrestling team finds itself preparing for the most competitive schedule in the 28-year history of the sport at PHS.

Hard-riding editor shoots from the hip

Talk to Joe Wager on the phone, and this Star Valley resident sounds precisely like what he is: a highly educated native of Chicago and the successful owner-publisher-editor of a newspaper-magazine.

State Retirement System reduces provider choice to one

Oct. 30 to Nov. 21 is the insurance enrollment period for members of the Arizona State Retirement System. The language in the enrollment materials recently received in the mail is not clear in some instances.

East rivals may head to second state showdown

The East region's top-two seeded teams have earned the right to play in the Class 3A Arizona State Football Championship semifinals.

Consistency, not intensity best for brain-boosting

I've repeatedly reported how exercising can enhance physical heath. Today I'd like to present research that indicates that exercise can provide benefits for a different form of health mental health.

Zumbro's goals right on target at Air Force Academy

Last spring, Bryan Zumbro's biggest concern was trying to find a way to pitch the defending state champion Longhorn baseball team to a second consecutive Arizona title.

Presidential election fodder for TV comics

All right. So we don't know who our next president will be, and we don't even know if all the mounting legal snarls will be untangled by Inauguration Day. But it's not like there's nothing we can do about it.

Taxation for the few 'not what I fought for'

I firmly believe that taxation is only a little less objectionable than highway robbery. In fact, it may even be worse as the robber has to make the effort to come and get your money, and taxation forces you to take it to them.

Gore's last-minute election grab 'a nightmare'

I cannot believe what I am hearing on the news. Please tell me it is all a nightmare, and I will wake up and our country will be going about its ordinary affairs.

'Trust everyone, but cut the cards'

No other word is more emotionally charged or more sacred to the success of human endeavors. And yet, no other word is trampled on more violently or tossed off the tongue more carelessly. Never is that more evident than during political campaigns.

Grant catapults student research to cutting edge

There's a new line parents can add to the list of reasons why their early lives were tougher than that of their offspring.

Canale, Gustin engaged

Therese Kemp of Payson and Laura Gustin, formerly of Payson, announce the engagement of their children Tom Canale and Tina Gustin.

Pine beauty wins state pageant

You might not think that, after already winning six beauty pageant titles, racking up a seventh would mean all that much to Katie Lynn McNeely.

PRMC asks town to help pave way to medical building, hospital wing

The Payson Town Council, which will only meet once in November and once in December to accommodate the holidays, will tackle a month of issues during a 5 p.m. special meeting and a 6 p.m. regular meeting Thursday at Town Hall.

State Retirement System betraying rural residents

The state of Arizona is abandoning and betraying its rural citizens. The Arizona State Retirement System has made it impossible for retirees who live outside of Pima, Maricopa or Pinal counties to receive equal treatment with the purchase of health insurance for the year 2001.

Husband can't save his wife, only himself

Dear Dr. Donna,

Teens narrowly escape late-night fire

Boy wakes up with socks on fire

Becky Accord walked onto a Mesa stage Saturday for the finale of the Ms. Country Western Pageant knowing that her family's house in Freedom Acres had burned down the night before with her dog inside.

Saturday, November 11

Review Feature

Book shopping made easy for rural readers

Based on October's weather, denizens of the Rim country may well spend much of this winter locked up in their homes, setting fire to dismembered trees, writing death threats to their local cable television company for the umpteenth blackout of the season, and trying to come up with ways to keep from going stir crazy.

Around the Rim Country

Rimmy Awards honor our quirks and foibles

America is an awards-happy place. Besides the serious awards like the Pulitzer Prize, there are the entertainment awards the Oscars, Emmys, Grammys and Tonys.

Thursday, November 9

Kindergartner to undergo new cancer treatment

Ashley Allen's short life has been marked by a number of little miracles.

Bush wallops Gore in Kids Voting polls

When it came to voting this election, young people were clearly more decisive than their parents. At least that's what the ballot tallies from the Northern Gila County Kids Voting program and Payson's teen-voting Web page indicated.

Horsemen in showdown with town

At the end of more than a few old Westerns, the triumphant hero rides off on his horse into the sunset.

Senior Center volunteers will be missed

As Carolyn Jentzen and Ken Harland leave Pine-Strawberry for their new home in Alabama, the S.C.A.F. Senior Center Board, and all the members and friends who have enjoyed wonderful lunches and good times at the Senior dining room, want to wish them Godspeed, and a huge thank-you for their devotion and care to the Senior Center.

Crafts, Etc., Local Gallery merging into same building

Crafts, Etc., the area's newest arts and crafts store, is relocating for the second time in four months, this time from Star Valley to a new Payson location it will share with the Local Gallery.

High-flying war buddies reunite after 55 years

Fifty-five years ago, they were "Red" and "Junior."

County races still up in air

While Rim country voters wait with their fellow countrymen for the outcome of the presidential race between Al Gore and George W. Bush, several of the closer local races also remain in question pending the counting of 2,065 ballots cast throughout the county.

Half of Veterans Day program postponed

Payson is going to have to wait until Memorial Day to enjoy what was going to be the first half of Payson's Veterans Day program.

The high cost of freedom must not be forgotten

"Freedom is not free."

Those four words, carved on the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., only hint at the high price that men and women throughout our nation's history have paid to preserve democracy.

Payson Event Center should be open for all

The Payson Horseman's Association feels that the (Payson) Event Center should be open for public use for many reasons.

Vote not a signal that it's full steam ahead for development

I have talked with many friends, and have seen similar comments in news articles, as to what disturbed people about Prop. 202. It seems that many, myself included, did not have a problem with the underlying premise of the proposition managed growth.

Payson man found guilty in murder, robbery spree

A Payson man who went on a two-day, two-state crime spree last summer was found guilty of murder last week in connection with the death of his accomplice, Christopher Engelbrecht.

Carolyn Messersmith

Carolyn Heineman Messersmith, 86, of Payson, died Nov. 3, 2000, in Payson. She was born Sept. 25, 1914, in Springfield, Ill.

Middle school Mavericks begin volleyball practice

The Rim Country Middle School Maverick girls' volleyball season is under way and already the hometown girls are receiving accolades, even from the coaches of opposing teams.

Reed, Cucci wed

Gary and Rosemary Reed of Payson, and Carmine and Joanne Longobardi of Scottsdale, Ariz., announce the marriage of their children, Jennifer Reed and Anthony Cucci.

Investigation played 'big part' in water board vote

I want to congratulate you and your staff on bringing out the facts on the Rim Trail Water District water department.

Sprinkle places 40th at state finals

Although the Payson High School boys' cross country team came up one point shy of qualifying for the state championships, the Longhorns were well-represented in the finale contested Saturday in Gilbert.

Practices under way for Longhorns wrestling, basketball programs

With the start of winter sports of basketball and wrestling on the horizon, the images of fall sports at Payson High are fading into the rearview mirror.

Flu shot clinics delayed

A nationwide shortage of influenza vaccines has once again delayed scheduled clinics throughout the Rim country.

Payson Parks and Recreation

Youth Basketball

Basketball registration for boys and girls in fifth and sixth grades began Monday, Nov. 6 and ends Nov. 17. The fee is $20 per child and includes a T-shirt and team pizza party. Games will be held in January and February. Team placement is random. Late registrants will be placed on teams only if space permits.

Rable, Browning hook 9th place at bass tournament

A pair of Rim country anglers fished their way to ninth-place honors in the inaugural AllStar Bass Couples Tournament contested Nov. 4 at Roosevelt Lake.

'Groscost knew exactly what he was doing'

My name is Jim White. I have served on the Phoenix City Council for two terms and in the Arizona Legislature. I have witnessed the impeachment of a governor and legislators caught in Azscam, and, I believe, when all the evidence is out, we may have another: Alt-fuels Scam.

Tuesday, November 7

Hazel unseats DeRose in county attorney race

The presidential race turned out to be a cliffhanger, but Jim Hazel and John Armer had little trouble defeating their opponents in Gila County's two contested races.

Propositions at a glance

Failed - 52% no, 48% yes Prop. 100 would amend the Arizona Constitution to authorize that up to 3 percent of state trust land be set aside for conservation without compensation to the trust.

Gila County election results

COUNTY ATTORNEY Jim Hazel - Elected, 10,162 Jerry DeRose - Defeated, 8,512

Monday, November 6

Homeowners have good reasons for forming improvement district

The undersigned, volunteer homeowners of Alpine Heights, have recently been involved in an attempt to form a Municipal Improvement District.

Troubled teen should have chance to change

Last month, a troubled 14-year-old boy walked into a Valley elementary school and cried out for help. He was carrying a loaded handgun.

Monster trucks return to Rim country

Want to find out how rugged your 4x4 or quad-runner is? That opportunity presents itself at 6 p.m. Saturday when the Monster Motorsport Spectacular visits the Payson Rodeo Arena.

Beasts of East lead at state

A foursome of opening round state tournament victories chalked up by East Region teams Friday evening leaves little doubt that Payson High is the best prep football team not clutching a ducat to the big show.

Whitney leads Hardt's charges at cross country championship

If legendary Chicago Cubs radio broadcaster Harry Carey had witnessed the feat, his commentary might have led off with "Holy Cow!"

Help on highway renews faith in kindness of strangers


It was a dark and stormy night. I was stranded somewhere on the Beeline with a blown-out tire.

Shelter director ready for Time Out


Last Saturday, Payson's Time Out Shelter held its 6th annual fund-raiser for victims of domestic abuse at Mario's Restaurant.

PAL show celebrates prize-winning artistic vision

Cowboy artist Mel Bradshaw was the top pick among those who attended the Payson Art League's Fall 2000 Show and Sale, in which he earned first-place honors in the People's Choice category.

The Ritter Boyz start their own business ... and deliver

They'll save you time. They'll save you stress. And if you're a guy who's just an average cook, they may save you indigestion.

Ice blamed for crash

Snowy, icy roads caused a traffic accident Saturday morning on Highway 87 north of Strawberry, injuring three people and reducing traffic to one lane for about an hour.

All-day gala set to honor veterans

If it were a movie, it would be considered an epic production. Payson's Veterans Day celebration, which will unfold Saturday, involves no less than 15 airplanes, one helicopter, a dozen military vehicles, more than 100 people, and required five local veteran boosters Lee and Joe Pretsch, Sherman Alston, Joe Tunno and Bill Sahno to produce.

More residents needed for recycling program

While response to the Rim country's new curbside recycling program has been positive, Arizona Recycling Curbside Specialists' president Tyler Tabar said, his company "still needs a couple hundred more sign-ups to make this really viable."

Residents stranded by creek turn to county for food, medicine

Residents on the east side of Tonto Creek near Punkin Center, who have been stranded by the rain-swollen creek for two weeks, are running short on supplies and patience.

Dist. 4 reps final alt-fuel holdouts

As voters go to the polls today (Tuesday) to make their final decisions, the state legislature's alternative-fuel rebate program continues to give them plenty to ponder.

Alpine Heights homeowners protesting road district

Property owners in Alpine Heights and Alpine Ridge are being asked to form a Road Improvement District to reconstruct the streets in those areas. Each property owner will be charged for the work by the town.

Figures provide glimpse into possible fire department costs

Regarding the Nov. 3 letter to the editor from Payson Fire Department Chief John Ross: The fact that Chief Ross has deemed the proposed fire district contract between Payson and Mesa del Caballo, which he signed April 15, outdated came as an abrupt shock to me and many people in the Mesa del Fire Department.

'Wake and vote Democrat'

It is imperative that we all be properly informed, perhaps even newly educated, in order to make good decisions regarding Medicare, Social Security and related issues.

Legislators' conduct tarnishes Republican party

For the record, I am a registered Republican of many years, am very proud of it and am proud of our candidates until now.

'County needs federal support we had before Reaganomics'

In response to Robert McKeever's letter (Oct. 24 Roundup) concerning the "out of control property taxes" in Gila County, he is correct in his assessment.

'Law-abiding citizens need not fall victims to gun-carrying criminals'

In response to Tina Terry's views concerning the right to own guns, I agree wholeheartily.

School leaders counting on Credit for Kids to ease budget crunch

The time couldn't be better for Rim country residents to think about diverting a portion of their Arizona income taxes to the Payson Unified School District through the "Credit for Kids" program.

Carolyn Messersmith

Carolyn Heineman Messersmith, 86, of Payson, died Nov. 3, 2000, in Payson.

Colleen Peppard

Colleen Vern Peppard, 77, of Payson, died Nov. 4, 2000, in Payson.

Saturday, November 4

Around the Rim Country

Trappin' coons and drivin' real slow

If you think things are a little whacky up here in the Rim country, you need to get your hands on a new book called "America Bizarro" by Nelson Taylor (St. Martin's Griffin, $14.95).

Review Feature

Enjoy cool weather during a fall hike

Take a nonscientific poll of local hiking enthusiasts, and you'll find that they only agree on one thing:

Thursday, November 2

Sorting out perplexing propositions

When you go to the polls on Tuesday, you'll be asked to vote on 14 initiatives that have been placed on the ballot by either the state legislature or private groups who all claim their propositions will be good for Arizona.

Volleyball wraps up with loss to Show Low

The Lady Longhorns varsity volleyball team finished its season last weekend at the state finals, falling to Show Low in a best-of-three series.

Dynamite found in west Payson

While agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms were sorting through an arsenal of firearms and explosives at a home in Deer Creek Thursday, Payson Police officers had a potentially explosive situation of their own near Rumsey Park.

Sandstone painter ready to rock art show

Fall art show attracts award-winning artists

It's called oils on sandstone, and it's one of the more unusual mediums that will be on display this weekend at the Payson Art League Fall 2000 Show at the Tonto Apache activity center.

Chester Shaw

Chester Tom Shaw, 70 of Payson, died Oct. 31, 2000, in Payson.

Payson teens take Kids Voting to 'Net

Sometimes, the best new ideas spring from two old but popular ideas melded together. Like the clock-radio. The massaging toothbrush. Velcro-laced shoes.


When it snows, it's time to shop

If it's snowing, I should be shopping. All this snow reminds me of Christmas and it's fast approaching.

Can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen

It's 5:30 p.m. and I'm staring a deadline in the face.

Andrew Provenzano

Andrew Eugene Provenzano, 61, of Payson, died Oct. 30, 2000, in Payson.

Hardt's 'pack running' leads Horns to state championship

With an East region championship and a state 10th-place ranking tucked into their bulging duffel bag of accomplishments, the Lady Longhorns are pursuing the school's first-ever cross country state crown.

Surviving the crowd at Freestone Park

A good-sized group of local parents and boosters is expected to be on hand tomorrow (Saturday) at the 2000 Arizona High School State Championships.

Few postseason honors likely for PHS football

In prep football circles, post-season individual honors are traditionally afforded to players on the most successful teams.

Children who read are next generation of leaders

Re: Richard E. Wentz's column, "There's no substitute for reading a good book." (Oct. 10 Roundup)

Prop. 106 constitutes political power grab

Your article, "Proposition 106 redraws rules for mapping election boundaries," by Roundup staff reporter Jim Keyworth in the Sept. 26 (issue) is the most balanced report on Prop 106 I have read so far.

Estimated costs for fire department contracts out of date

Based upon the article about candidates running for Mesa del Caballo Fire District Board vacancies in the Roundup's Oct. 27 issue, I would like to provide the following information that states the position of the Payson Fire Department.

Reasons to vote for Prop. 301 don't include state's ranking

Regarding your Oct. 27 editorial "'Yes' on 301; because they're not just 'other people's kids.'" You say, "Today, Arizona ranks 50th the worst in the nation in expenditures per student."

Population shift gives Rim country political clout

A primary but unwritten issue facing Gila County voters in next week's election is local control.

Cache of explosives, firearms found in raid

When 20 armed agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms stormed Larry Gereaux's single-wide trailer in Deer Creek Thursday, his neighbors were not surprised. "We've been concerned about him ever since he moved in," a nearby resident, who asked to remain anonymous, said. "He's kind of a fanatic who wears camouflaged clothes and always carries a gun."

Esther Eilertsen

Esther Marie Eilertsen, 77, of California, died Oct. 28, 2000, in California.

Community calls for bridge where a river runs through it

It's been needed for more than 25 years, says Tonto Basin Realtor Margaret Rambo. With the rain this week, Tonto Creek has risen once again, and so has the demand for a bridge across it.

Payson schools may lose $770,000

Because of declining enrollment and a new state criteria that will reduce the number of students eligible for a special education category called Emotional Disability-Private, or EDP, the Payson Unified School District faces a potential budget shortfall of as much as $770,000 beginning in the 2001-2002 school year.

Flora Traylor

Flora Traylor, 61, died Oct. 27, 2000, in Cul-ver, Ind. following a long illness.

John Verhelst

John I. Verhelst, 68, of Mesa, Ariz., died Oct. 31, 2000, in Mesa.

Season ends for Payson soccer

Payson High School boys and girls soccer action has come to a close, but not before establishing themselves as one of the tough teams in the 3-A East.