Children Who Read Are Next Generation Of Leaders



Re: Richard E. Wentz's column, "There's no substitute for reading a good book." (Oct. 10 Roundup)

I teach three college-level courses for Rio Salado College in Tempe over the Internet, and I see daily the end result of post-high school students, of all ages, who either never developed a desire to read at home, or never had teachers in school who required them to read the great and important books which serve as the bedrock of our nation and society.

The only things left in their heads at graduation time are the names of rap singers and the desire to "have fun," whatever that may mean. In other words, they are brain dead. Most of them drop out of my classes due to the requirement of too much to read.

I commend our teachers and parents who require their students and children to read books. Failure to light the fire in a child to read and learn about life and living is a great tragedy. There are such parents and teachers who do demand their children read just not enough of them in our society.

If anyone wants an eye-opening experience, go to a major public library and watch the Asian parents bring all their children and require them to check out and read armloads of books each week. Those are the parents who are producing the next generation of leaders and professionals in this country, not the parents and teachers who only want their youngsters to have fun.

Best wishes, and keep up the good writing.

Bob Wilson, JD, Payson

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