Estimated Costs For Fire Department Contracts Out Of Date



Based upon the article about candidates running for Mesa del Caballo Fire District Board vacancies in the Roundup's Oct. 27 issue, I would like to provide the following information that states the position of the Payson Fire Department.

The Mesa del Caballo Fire District will seat a new board after the upcoming election. At that time, the board may vote to implement one of the following options for the provision of emergency fire and medical services.:

Keep the Mesa del fire district functioning as it is now;

Eliminate the Mesa del fire district and contract for all services through the Payson Fire Department;

Keep the Mesa del fire station open with volunteers, and contract with the Payson Fire Department for all administrative functions.

Last fiscal year, these options were examined in greater detail. However, because this year is well under way, and next year, both the Mesa del fire district and the Payson Fire Department will be operating under different conditions and budgets, no costs can be accurately established at this time. The figures quoted (by certain candidates) in the article are no longer valid.

If the new board chooses to contract in some fashion with Payson, negotiations will begin next calendar year.

It is important to note that for many years, the position of the Payson Fire Department regarding the situation in Mesa del has been neutral. Moreover, it is appropriate for the residents of Mesa del Caballo to decide the manner in which they wish to receive emergency fire and medical services.

The Payson Fire Department has strongly supported the notion that life safety and property conservation transcend geo-political boundaries and political turmoil. It is hoped that everyone in Mesa del Caballo supports the new fire board's final decision, thereby providing stability and consistency to their emergency fire and medical operations.

John Ross, Payson Fire Chief

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